Can you come out and play?

 We're sure most of you are aware that the Post runs Bingo every Thursday night. 

But are you aware what Bingo helps accomplish? 

***All donations that the Post votes on come from Bingo.***
***Donations from Bingo winners are used to send packages to the troops, and assist veterans here at home.*** 
***Occasionally Bingo pays the electric bill to assist the Post.*** 
***Transferred funds from Bingo work to keep your Post solvent.*** 
***Bingo assisted in paying for the recent driveway improvements.*** 

This is just a few of the things Bingo makes possible. 

 It takes a minimum of 10 people to properly operate each week!!
We are always looking for new volunteers!! 

Come early and help get it going or come late and help close it out! You can contact the hall for details about joining the crew.