Post Standing Rules

Last updated May 13th, 2011


As approved by Post membership 8 September 2010, and revised 12 May 2011 

GENERAL INFORMATION: Standing Rules are needed to insure an orderly and efficient Post. The Standing Rules of Post 2866 shall in no way conflict with or override the By-laws, Ritual, General Orders provided by the National Organization, the Department of Missouri, or the Department of Missouri Ninth District of Veterans of Foreign Wars. At the Standing Rules may be adopted by a majority vote of a regular membership meeting. The Standing Rules Committee (for Annual Review) will be appointed by the Post Commander. Once adopted, these Standing Rules may be amended, changed or revised by a two thirds (2/3) majority vote at any regular membership meeting. 1. Life Membership Drawing (a) At the monthly membership meeting of Post 2866, there will be a drawing for a free Life Membership in the Veterans of Foreign Wars. (b) All members in good standing present for the meeting must confirm with the Post Quartermaster that he or she has been a member of Post 2866 for a minimum of one year prior to the drawing. (c) Any qualified member who participated in at least Twelve (12) Post 2866 activities (Bingo, Fish Fry, Meat Shoot, flags on veterans graves for Memorial Day, Honor Guard funerals, Post Drill Team, visit MO Veterans Home, and recognized special service to the Veteran Administration during the past twelve (12) months is eligible. (d) During meeting the Post Quartermaster will announce under “Good of the Order” that he/she has ascertained that funds are available and approved for the drawing. (e) The Post Officer of the Day will provide tickets for the Life Membership drawing to all members present, who qualify, see b. and c. above. (f) The winner of the drawing must present him or herself to the Post Quartermaster after the drawing for completion of required paperwork. (g) Money for this drawing will come exclusively from Post General Fund. 2. Discretionary and Promotional Funds (a) The Post Quartermaster will receive $225 per month for maintaining the Post records. (b) The Post Commander will receive $400 in June for his/her annual service to the Post. (c)The Post Senior Vice Commander will receive $300 in June for his/her annual service to Post. (d) The Junior Vice Commander will receive $200 in June for his/her annual service to Post. (e) The Honor Guard Chairman is authorized honor guard uniforms for his new members and existing members every 5 years, if needed. (f) The Post Service Officer is authorized funding for veterans benefit fair at $200 per event. (g) The Voice of Democracy Chairman is authorized to spend up to $500 annually for awards. (h) The Post Information Officer is authorized to spend up to $300 per month for Post Website, Informer, supplies and services. (i) The BINGO Chairman is authorized a promotional fund to be used in the promotion of Bingo, not to exceed the annual amount authorized by the State Gaming Commission. (j) The Post will sponsor Boy Scout Troop 72 and provide meeting space. The Post will provide Awards and/or Letters of Commendation to all area boys achieving the rank of BSA Eagle Scout. The Commander or a member of the Post will be appointed to make the official presentation of the awards at the appropriate venue. (k) Annual Buddy Poppy proceeds will be divided between Post and Auxiliary. (l) The Youth Activities Chairman is authorized to spend matching fund with the Post Auxiliary for each event. Named events are: Easter Egg Party, Christmas Party, and Annual Post Picnic. (m) The Veteran Home Chairman is authorized to spend $150 per month for monthly activities for the Missouri Veterans Home. (n) Post Officers are authorized to spend matching fund with the Post Auxiliary for special events. (o) House Committee Chairman is authorized to spend up to $200.00 per month with the use of debt card. (p) The Post will donate $200.00 annually for the ad in the Department Convention Booklet. 3. Work Details (a) The chairman of the following committees are recognized and as such are responsible for the conduct of such authorized Post functions/events: Bingo, Fish Fry’s, Meat Shoots, Funeral Details, House Committee, Veteran Home Visits, Honor Guard/Funeral Details and any additional details the Commander or Club Manager deem worthy. (b) All requests for reimbursement of funds will be documented. All consumption of lounge products will document and signed by the chairman on the day of the event. 4. Member Relief (a) Upon the hospitalization of a member of Post 2866 for a period longer than 3 days, the Post Chaplain shall send an appropriate consideration, after verification, up to the amount of $50, in the name of the Post. (b) Upon the death of a member or within the immediate family of a member of Post 2866, the Post Chaplain shall send an appropriate consideration, up to the amount of $50, in the name of the Post. 5 Officer Convention Allowances (a) Post 2866 Officer’s, including the Commander Elect, who attend to the Department Convention will receive $200. (b) Post 2866 Officer’s, including the Commander Elect, who are in office on June 1st, and attend the VFW National Convention maybe reimbursed to $300.00, with membership approval annually. 6. Post Publication (a) The official publication of Post 2866 shall be a bi-monthly newsletter entitled "The Informer". This publication is moving toward electronic distribution (free) and mail copies will continue. Members are encouraged to notify the editor to receive only electronic copies. (b) Orders and official notices published in the official publication shall be deemed sufficient and lawful notice to all members for all purposes whatsoever. (c) An amount shall be deposited with the United States Postal Service from which to pay for the bulk mailings of the Official Publication of the Post, and other official correspondence to include corrections to members’ addresses. 7. Reservation of Post Facilities and Grounds (a) An additional amount, up to the reservation cost may be required for a deposit. (b) Reservations for Post facilities will be made on a “First Come, First Serve” basis only. The reservation fee for the Post Hall is $100 and Hall fee is $450 for ½ and whole hall $550. The Post Gazebo fee is $75.00. The Post Pavilion fee is $100. All reservations must be paid in full prior to the use of the facilities or grounds. The Commander may at his/her discretion waive the cost of reservation/use. All Standing Rules will be reviewed by the Standing Rules Committee in the month of May and approved by the membership of VFW Post 2866 at a Post meeting annually. Adopted by membership: 12 May 2011 Approved:___________________ NEAL E. LANG Commander Standing Rules Appendix A (As adopted by Standing Rules Committee 11 May 2011 – to be used on a need to know basis only.) This appendix contains Business Policy and Procedures of the Post.