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First Days In Venice -Chris Kazanovicz

posted Oct 25, 2011, 7:15 AM by Christopher Kazanovicz
After a little over a week of traveling, today marks the first day of the start of our project in Venice.  Yesterday all of the project teams met at the Venice Project Center to get reacquainted with our advisers and to coordinate our meetings with our sponsors.  Our project team will be meeting with our UNESCO sponsor Dr. Anthony Krause (and his associates) tomorrow at 3 pm.  This meeting will offer our group the chance to formally introduce ourselves and to detail exactly what
we hope to accomplish during our 7 weeks here.  The meeting will also give us the opportunity to readjust our proposal should our project goals not entirely coincide with our sponsor's vision for the project.  We hope to spend the rest of this week gathering all the relevant information we can from the Venice Project Center as well as making the final adjustments to our Venipedia templates so we can begin to upload information as soon as possible.  With our arrival in Venice the true scope and importance of our project is finally starting to become a reality.