•  Policy Papers by Hylke Vandenbussche
1) H. Vandenbussche et al. (2017),"De Impact van Brexit op de Vlaamse Economie", KULeuven- Vives, November. pdf
2) H. Vandenbussche et al. (2017),"America First!" What are the Job losses for Europe?, University of Leuven, (VIVES) DPpdf. (summary in Dutch, pdf). 
2)  H. Vandenbussche, W. Connell and W. Simons (2017),"What does Brexit mean for Europe and for the Belgian Economy", University of Leuven (VIVES research center)- policy Briefing -  (The Sun, La Libre Belgique, de Standaard, De Morgen, het Nieuwsblad)
3) J. Qin and H. Vandenbussche (2016),"China-GOES steel case: Time to clarify price suppression and price depression", World Trade Review, pdf.
4) J. Wauters and H. Vandenbussche (2010),"China - Measures Affecting Imports of Automobile Parts, World Trade Review, pdf.

5) H. Vandenbussche (2009)," United States - Laws, Regulation and Methodology for Calculating Dumping Margins (zeroing) -DS294", World Trade Review, pdf.

6) H. Vandenbussche (2008)," Upland Cotton ", World Trade Review, pdf.

7) H. Vandenbussche (2011), Book Review in World Trade Review of "Where to spend the next million? Applying Impact Evaluation to Trade Assistance", Cadot, Fernandes, Gourdon, Matttoo (eds.), London, CEPR and World Bank.

8) H. Vandenbussche, (2014), "Quality in Exports", EUROPEAN COMMISSION- Economic Papers n°532, DG Economic and Financial Affairs (pfd) with non-technical summary (pdf).

9) H. Vandenbussche (2013), "Firm-Level Productivity and Exporting. Diagnosing the role of Financial Constraints", DG Economic and Financial Affairs, in Product Market Review-2013, part II, chapter I, EU COMMISSION publication, Brussels, chapter (pdf)
10) J. Van Biesebroeck and H. Vandenbussche (2016),"Economic Impact of Changing Methodology for Calculating Normal Value in Trade Defense against China" paper requested by DG TRADE - EU COMMISSION, pdf.

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