Project 3

Postdoctoral position to use Drosophila genetics to study O-GlcNAc signalling pathways linked to development and neurodegeneration

You will use CRISPR/Cas9 in Drosophila (several novel lines already available) to study the role of the O-GlcNAc modification in development and neurodegenerative/metabolic disease.

This position is available for 18 months in the first instance. Starting date is flexible but before January 2017.

Candidate requirements:

- A background in working with Drosophila as a model of animal development.
- PhD with an outstanding track record and at least one first authored publication in an internationally recognised peer-reviewed journal.
- Capable of working in a team, but able to generate ideas, plan and work independently.
- A desire to interact with, and learn from, scientists beyond your own discipline/culture.
- Excellent communication skills and proficiency in English, in particular in writing scientific publications.


- Experience with fly models of neurodegeneration/metabolic disease
- A background in biochemistry, molecular biology, signal transduction and or pharmacology would be preferable.
- Familiarity with protein glycosylation and related developmental disorders.
- Experience with CRISPR/Cas9