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December 2018: Kaizhou wins a poster prize at a China:UK exchange conference in St Andrews. Congratulations!

October 2018: Andrii becomes Daan's 21st PhD awardee. Congratulations!

September 2018: Welcome to the new PhD students: Mishka and Iggy and a visiting postdoc Nina!

April 2018: Mehmet's work on understanding intellectual disability mutation of OGT has been featured in The Sun, The National and The Courier 

March 2018: congratulations to Mehmet and Daniel on acceptance of their papers to Cell Chemical Biology and JBC! Congratulation to Karim and Daan on acceptance of their collaborative paper with Virdee lab in Nature!

January 2018: Happy New Year! Welcome to Mishka, a Wellcome Trust PhD rotation student 

December 2017: Congratulations to Karim who just became a Doctor! 
Congratulations to Daniel and Jennifer, who won 1st and 2nd prizes at the Honours Symposium 
For detailsclick here

November 2017: Congratulations to David and Mehmet who successfully defended their theses!

Daan was appointed a guest professor in China Click here

October 2017: Well done Atul and Wale with their eLife paper uncovering the inner workings of the Parkinson's disease kinase as part of a joint effort with the Muqit lab. More here

August 2017: Welcome to Poonam, a new post-doctoral fellow who will work on XLID  OGT mutants in collaboration with Dr Marios Stavridis

July 2017: Congrats to Oran, one of our summer students, celebrating his 18th birthday!

June 2017: Congratulations to Karim and Wale on acceptance of their paper in Open Biology. Also well done to Mehmet, whose XLID OGT mutation paper has been accepted in JBC!

May 2017: Welcome to Veronica, who joins the O-GlcNAc part of the lab to work on a short project until September, when she will start her PhD in DvA lab.                                                                                                                                                                                     

January 2017: Congratulations to NithyaRitchie and Daniel for their paper describing a novel O-GlcNAc protein enrichment method accepted for publication in Nature Chemical Biology                                                                                                          

January 2017: Happy new year! Kaizhou Yan, a CSC-funded PhD student, joins the cell wall project, wellcome Kaizhou! 

December 2016: annual DvA lab Christmas symposium was a great success again! Exciting talks, poems, presents and a taste of international cuisines during potluck lunch. For photos click here

October 2016: welcome to Michael Cummins, who joined the lab as a rotation PhD student to work on the link between O-GlcNAc and neurodegeneration in mES cells

September 2016: welcome to Xiping Chen, a new PhD student working on a fungal cells wall project 

August 2016: welcome to a new post-doc in the DvA lab Chuan Fu

July 2016: welcome to Michaela Fenckova, who will be working on the link between neurodevelopment and O-GlcNAc in Drosophila

June 2016: Riccardo's paper ''Nucleocytoplasmic human O-GlcNAc transferase is sufficient for O-GlcNAcylation of mitochondrial proteins'' was published in Biochemical Journal

December 2015: Riccardo has passed his viva. Congratulations Dr. Trapannone!

September 2015: Andrii Gorelik has started his project funded by the Wellcome Trust 4-year PhD programme

June 2013: Alex has left the lab

Alexander Striebeck has left the DVA lab after 4.5 years. He came in 2009 to work as a technichian. After three months he started his PhD project founded by the BBSRC and SULSA. Just last month he passed his viva and will now move to Copenhagen where he will start in Monica Palcic's group at the Carlsberg lab as a post-doc. All the best and good luck to him. He will be surley missed.

Alex has left

May 2013: Alex has passed his viva

Alexander Striebeck has passed his viva on 30/05 and is now Dr Striebeck. The whole lab is celebrating his success. He was grilled by Dr Tracey Gloster (Univeristy of St. Andrews) and Prof Tracy Palmer for about three hours. And he clearly enjoyed the drinks afterwards! Good luck to him as a post-doc in Copenhagen!

Alex's vivaAlex's vivaAlex's viva

Apr 2013: Tony has passed his viva

Xiaowei "Tony" Zheng has passed his viva on 25/04 and is now Dr Zheng. Congratulations to him. After "just" five hours together with his external examiner Prof Tony Lefebvre (University of Lille) and the internal examiner Dr Arno Mueller, he was reliefed to finish his four year long journey.

Tony's vivaTony's vivaTony's viva

Mar 2013: GRC 2013 Glycobiology

Helge, Nithya, Alex, and Frank went to Ventura, CA (USA) to attend the 2013 GRC Glycobiology. All four presented posters and Frank was invited to give a poster talk. They enjoyed the week and a couple of days in San Francisco and San Jose afterwards.

GRC 2013 GlycobiologyGRC 2013 GlycobiologyDVA GRC 2013 Glycobiology

Oct 2012: DVA brain-storming session

The lab had a brain-storming session at Daan's place to talk about the past, present and future of the lab. We had great food, drinks and good company.

DVA brain-storming sessionDVA brain-storming sessionDVA brain-storming session

Oct 2012: Article features on BBC News

The work of our group and our collaborators on the mechanism of O-GlcNAc transferase (OGT, Publications) has been featured on BBC News (Dundee press release).

Mar 2012: Magnificent Microbes

The group presented their work at the Magnificent Microbes event on the 10th. Learn more about it.

Oct 2011: Alex's poster presentations earn him prizes.

Alex won the poster prize at the 2nd International Fungal Cell Wall Meeting in Giens (France). His poster and presentation led to a cash prize and excellent French wine among the 35 presenters. Alex was surrounded by attendees (left) and Jean-Paul Latgé, the organiser of the meeting, presented his prize to him (right).

2<sup>nd</sup> International Fungal Cell Wall Meeting2<sup>nd</sup> International Fungal Cell Wall Meeting

On top of that, only two weeks later his poster was among the five finalists at the 3rdyear PhD students poster presentation at the College of Life Sciences. Well done, Alex!

Feb 2011: Daan wins RSC Dextra medal

RSC Dextra Medal

Daan has been awarded the 2011 RSC Dextra medal together Stuart Haslam (right, together with Rob Field, middle) from Imperial College. Both received the silver medal and a cash prize and Daan was invited to give a talk at the Royal Society of Chemistry meeting from 15th-16th September 2011. Find more information in the press release.

Jan 2011: The lab sets up a spin-out company

GlycoBioChem Logo

GlycoBioChem, providing research tools for the O-GlcNAc and fungal cell wall research community

Dec 2010: Marianne passes her PhD viva!

After 2 hours of examination by Gerry Hart & Mike Ferguson, Marianne has made it to scientific adulthood and is now Dr. Schimpl. Congratulations!

Nov 2011: DVA provides cover for latest Chemistry & Biology issue.

Cover of Chemistry & BiologyThe article "Cell-penetrant, nanomolar O-GlcNAcase inhibitors selective against lysosomal hexosaminidases" (Dorfmueller et al.) was nominated to be the cover for the latest issue of Chemistry & Biology

Oct 2010: Research Deal with Aquapharm

Our group and Aquafarm Biodiscovery are going to work together to identify substances from marine organisms that can lead to new drugs targeting Alzheimer's disease. Read more about it on BBC News.

Jun 2010: Awarded Fellowships

Congratulations to our postdoc Helge Dorfmueller and to our former PhD student Elton Zeqiraj who have both been awarded a highly prestigious Sir Henry Wellcome Postdoctoral Fellowship.

Jun 2010: New Post Doc

Kaoru Sakabe has joined the lab as a postdoctoral researcher. She has graduated in December 2009 from Prof. Gerald W. Hart at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, US.