June 2019: Veronica's, Villo's and Mehmet's paper on a catalytic mutation in OGT is published in PNAS. Congratulations all!

April 2019: Wenxia's paper on Aspergillus fumigatus Crh transglycosylases is now published in Nature Comunications. Well done!

December 2018: Kaizhou wins a poster prize at a China:UK exchange conference in St Andrews. Congratulations!

October 2018: Andrii becomes Daan's 21st PhD awardee. Congratulations!

September 2018: Welcome to the new PhD students: Mishka and Iggy and a visiting postdoc Nina!

April 2018: Mehmet's work on understanding intellectual disability mutation of OGT has been featured in The Sun, The National and The Courier 

March 2018: congratulations to Mehmet and Daniel on acceptance of their papers to Cell Chemical Biology and JBC! Congratulation to Karim and Daan on acceptance of their collaborative paper with Virdee lab in Nature!

January 2018: Happy New Year! Welcome to Mishka, a Wellcome Trust PhD rotation student