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Excellence in the Classroom Starts
With Excellence in the Boardroom

Of the 293 school systems there are 12 with appointed boards, Valparaiso Community Schools (VCS) being the largest system. The VCS board has 5 members. Four are appointed by the city council and one is appointed by the Center Township Advisory Board. The current board members are all white males over 50 years old with a professional background.

Primary Tasks

  • Expand the board to seven to achieve a more diverse board.
  • Two board members would be elected from outside the city limits where 30% of the students live.
  • Remove the stipulation of party labels. Currently you must be either from the Democratic or Republican party to serve on the board and is currently dominated by one. Elected members can be from any party or no party alike.
  • We need 3500 signatures to start the process of moving VCS to an elected school board.

What They Say

Patricia Parker- A position on the school board should not be left to politicians. It should be left to the people to elect those that they know will do the best job of educating their children.

Paula Slack- It's all about accountability.

Stephen Cronk- Let the people decide who our board members will be. The best cure for the ails of democracy is a little more democracy.

Candace Shaw- The time has come for the citizens of the Valparaiso Community Schools to ELECT the School Board. Old draconian "throw-back" forms of government do not belong in our American system of representative democracy. The PEOPLE are ready willing and able to make education leadership decisions in our community.

Ann Toepel McWhorter Klipstine- We need elected members on the VHS School Board for true representation!!