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VTI Song

Valparaiso Technical Institute - Song

Words & Music by - Nancy & Joe Alinsky

Special thanks to Gene Mellenthin for rescuing this document -

Below the song, there's a brief bio on Joe Alinsky:

Joseph W. Alinsky, 92, died Friday, March 5, 2010 in Michigan City -

He was born November 22, 1917 in Shenandoah, PA -

In 1939 he married Nancy Jane Rowe, who passed away March 3, 1995 -

He began a long career in electrical engineering at Valparaiso Technical Institute, where he taught until 1953. At that time he became Chief Engineer at Dage Television, Inc., where he pioneered many innovations in closed-circuit television. 

In 1967, he became President of the Dage-Bell Corporation and Raytheon Learning Systems Co. 

Joe returned to teaching electronics for more than a decade with Ivy Tech.

For the next thirty years, he operated a tax accounting business and was certified by the IRS as an Enrolled Agent.

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