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Valpo Tech Newsletters and Public Documents - By Lee Hite (K8CLI)

Sadly a note (October 2017) from Leland Hite:
                "When we began this publication, (January 2015) we announced it would continue until VTI content                        became unavailable. As 2017 progressed, we noticed a considerable reduction in newsletter                                 submissions. 
                Many of the articles originated from non-VTI retired railroad telegraphy employees and we greatly                         appreciate their contribution.
                Consequently, the end has arrived and this is the final edition. 
                Thanks for being a reader. 
                Kind Regards: Lee Hite, VTI-1966

Starting in January of 2015 - Lee Hite (K8CLI) has been kind enough to create a "Valpo Tech Newsletter" -

Here the "Link" - see below -

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Updated - Oct 12, 2017