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Skype Night

Lowell Katz and Lee Hite (K8CLI) have been kind enough to use their talents to create a "Valpo Tech Skype™ Night" -

Skype™ Night –1st Tuesday Of The Month @ 9 PM EST        


Skype name: Valpo.Tech

Join a lighthearted informal conversation. Come and go as you please on the first Tuesday of the month at 9 PM. "FREE"

How to participate:

Email your Skype™ name and we'll call you - valpotech@gmail.com

You can call us on Skype at "Valpo.Tech" beginning at 9 PM EST -

Not on Skype? No problem, we can call your curly wire / twisted pair - Email us     your phone number valpotech@gmail.com

Download Skype™  http://www.skype.com/en/  it's "Free" -

Updated March 24, 2015