*By & About Alumni/ae

Publications by & about UW Architecture alumni/ae:
(partial/preliminary list; additions/corrections welcome: marga@margaink.com)

Bruce Anderson (MArch 1988): Cutler Anderson: The Houses (Oscar Riera Ojeda Publishers, 2018)
Kichio Allen Arai
(BArch 1925): Kichio Allen Arai (by Heather McIntosh, HistoryLink 1998)
Elizabeth Ayer (BArch 1921): Elizabeth Ayer Architect (by Heather McIntosh, HistoryLink 1998)
Fred Bassetti (BArch 1942): Fred Bassetti (by Marga Rose Hancock, HistoryLink 2009)
Bryan Bell (BAArch 1989): Expanding Architecture: Design as Activism (w/ Steve Badanes,, Katie Wakeford, Roberta Feldman, Sergio Palleroni, Katie Swenson, Thomas Fisher; Metropolis Books 2008)
Angela Berry
(MArch 2006): Island Grown
Edward Burke (BArch 1959): Seattle's Nippon Kan: The Discovery of Seattle's Other History (w/ Elizabeth Burke, CreateSpace 2011)
Arne Bystrom (BArch 1951):  A Thriving Modernism: The Houses of Wendell Lovett and Arne Bystrom (by Grant Hildebrand & T. William Booth; UW Press 2004)
Doris Totten Chase (studied 1941-42):  Doris Chase, Artist in Motion (by Patricia Failing; UW Press 1992);  Doris Totten Chase Painter, Sculptor, Visual Artist (by Deloris Tarzan Ament; HistoryLink 2008)
James K. M. Cheng (BArch 1970)  City Builder: The Architecture of James K. M. Cheng (by Trevor Boddy; Images Publishing 2017)
Roger H. Clark
(MArch 1964): Precedents in Architecture: Analytic Diagrams, Formative Ideas, and Partis (w/ Michael Pause; Wiley 2012)
Erin Feeney (MArch 2012):  Seattle's Floating Homes (Arcadia Publishing 2012)
William "Will" Glover (MArch 1992): Making Lahore Modern: Constructing and Imagining a Colonial City (U of Minnesota Press 2007)
Mary Guzowski (MArch 1990): Daylighting for Sustainability (McGraw-Hill 1999)
L. Jane Hastings (BArch 1952):  L. Jane Hastings Architect (by Marga Rose Hancock; HistoryLink 2009)
Anne Gould Hauberg:  Anne Gould Hauberg: Fired by Beauty (by Barbara Johns, UW Press 2005)
Steven Holl (BAArch 1971):  The Chapel of St. Ignatius (by Robert McCarter; Princeton Architectural Press 1999); Parallax (by Holl; Princeton Architectural Press 2000); Steven Holl (by John Pastier; HistoryLink 2001);  Architecture Spoken (by Holl; Rizzoli, 2007); Questions of Perception: Phenomenology of Architecture (Holl w/ Juhanni Pallsmaa & Alberto Perez-Gomez; William Stout Publishers 2007); Urbanisms: Working with Doubt (by Holl; Princeton Architectural Press 2009);  Steven Holl (by Robert McCarter; Phaidon 2015);
Henry B. Hoover (BArch 1924):  Breaking Ground: Henry B. Hoover, New England Modern Architect (by Lucretia Hoover Giese, Henry B. Hoover Jr., David N. Fixler; New England University Press 2015)
Donald Leslie Johnson (BArch 1957): The Architecture of Walter Burley Griffin (Macmillan 1977);  Australian Architecture 1901–51: Sources of Modernism (Sydney University Press 1980); Canberra and Walter Burley Griffin: Bibliography from 1876 to 1976 and a Guide to Public Sources (Oxford University Press 1980); The Adelaide City Plan: fiction and fact (w/ Donald Langmead; Wakefield Press 1986); Frank Lloyd Wright Versus America: The 1930s (MIT Press 1994); Makers of Modern 20th Century Architecture: A Bio-Critical Sourcebook (w/ Donald Langmead; Greenwood Press 1997); The Fountainheads: Wright, Rand, the FBI and Hollywood (McFarland Company 2005); On Frank Lloyd Wright's Concrete Adobe: The American Southwest (Routledge 2013); Anticipating Municipal Parks: London to Adelaide to Garden City (Wakefield Press 2013); Frank Lloyd Wright : The Early Years : Progressivism : Aesthetics : Cities (Taylor & Francis 2016)
Norman J. Johnston (BArch 1942): Cities in the Round (UW Press 1983); Washington's Audacious State Capitol and Its Builders (UW Press 1998); The Campus Guides: University of Washington (Princeton Architectural Press 2001); The Fountain & the Mountain: The University of Washington Campus in Seattle (UW Press 2004)
James O. Jonassen (BArch 1964): Designing the Design Firm: The Quest for High-Performance Design (Greenway Communications 2011)
A. Quincy Jones (BArch 1936): A. Quincy Jones (by Cory Buckner; Phaidon Press 2002)
Grant Jones (BArch 1961):  Grant Jones/Jones & Jones ILARIS: The Puget Sound Plan (by Jane Amidon; Princeton Architectural Press 2007)
Kevin Kane (MArch 1983) Statics and Strength of Materials for Architecture and Building Construction (w/ Barry Onouye; Prentice Hall 2011)
Grace H. Kim (MArch 2006): The Survival Guide to Architectural Internship and Career Development (Wiley 2006)
Lawrence Kreisman
(MArch 1980): The Bloedel Reserve: Gardens in the Forest (Arbor Fund 1988), The Stimson Legacy: Architecture in the Urban West (1992), Made to Last: Historic Preservation in Seattle and King County (UW Press 1999), The Arts and Crafts Movement in the Pacific Northwest (w/ Glenn Mason; Timber Press 2007); Tradition and Change on Seattle's First Hill (Documentary Media 2014), Dard Hunter: The Graphic Works (2015) 
Tom Kundig (BAED 1977, MArch 1981): Tom Kundig Houses (Dung No, ed.; Princeton Architectural Press 2006);  Tom Kundig Houses 2 (by Kundig; Princeton Architectural Press 2011); Tom Kundig Works (by Kundig; Princeton Architectural Press 2015)
J. Lamont Langworthy (BAArch 1953):  Hillside Homes (1982); Education of an Architect (2011)
Jack Lenor Larsen Jack Lenor Larsen: Creator and Collector (by David Revere McFadden & Mildred Constantine; Merrell Publishers 2004); Interlacing: The Elemental Fabric (by Larsen;1987); A Weaver's Memoir (by Larsen; 1998)
Anita Lehmann (MArch 1986): Drawing Lessons from Civita: an artist's adventure In Italy (2014)
Wendell Lovett (BArch 1947):  A Thriving Modernism: The Houses of Wendell Lovett and Arne Bystrom (by Grant Hildebrand & T. William Booth; UW Press 2004)
Benjamin McAdoo (BArch 1946):  Benjamin McAdoo (by Heather McIntosh; HistoryLink 1999)
Kathryn Rogers Merlino (BAArch 1995):  Building Reuse: Sustainability, Preservation, and the Value of Design (UW Press 2018)
George Nakashima
(BArch 1929):  Nature, Form & Spirit: The Life and Legacy of George Nakashima (by Mira Nakashima; Harry N. Abrams 2003)
Laurie Olin (BArch 1961):  Across the Open Field:  Essays Drawn from English Landscapes (Penn Studies 1998), Placemaking (Olin w/ Dennis McGlade, Robert Bedell, Lucinda Sanders, Susan Weiler; Monacelli Press 2008)
Jim Olson (BArch 1966) Art in Architecture (2013), Jim Olson Houses (Olson Sundberg Kundig Allen 2009); Jim Olson: Building, Nature, Art (Thames & Hudson 2018)
James S. Russell (BAED 1976): The Agile City: Building Well-being and Wealth in an Era of Climate Change (Island Press 2012)
Jock Sewall (MArch 1975): California Mission Architecture: A Survey and Sourcebook (Schiffer Publishing 2013), Mediterranean Architecture: A Sourcebook of Architectural Elements (Schiffer Publishing 2011)
Victor Steinbrueck (BArch 1935): Market Sketchbook (UW Press 1951); Seattle Cityscape (UW Press 1962); Seattle Cityscape #2 (UW Press 1973);  Victor Eugene Steinbrueck (by Heather McIntosh; HistoryLink 1998); Victor Steinbrueck: Life and Ideas (by Heather McIntosh; HistoryLink 1999)
George Suyama (BArch 1967): Suyama: A Complex Serenity (by Grant Hildebrand; UW Press 2011)
Jennifer Taylor (BArch 1967, MArch 1969): An Australian Identity: Houses for Sydney 1953-63 (University of Sydney 1972; 2nd Edition 1984); Architecture:  A Performing Art (w/ John Andrews; Oxford University Press 1982); Australian Architecture Since 1960 (Law Book Company 1986; 2nd revised and expanded edition, RAIA 1990); Tall Buildings 1945-1970. Australian Business Going Up (Craftsman Press, 2001); The Architecture of Fumihiko Maki (Birkhäuser 2003)
Roland Terry
(BArch 1940):  Roland Terry: Northwest Master Architect (by Justin Henderson; UW Press 2000)
Paul Thiry (BArch 1928):  Churches and Temples (w/ Richard M. Bennett & Henry L. Kamphoefner; Reinhold 1954); Eskimo Artifacts: Designed for Use (Darwin 1978), Oral History Interview (by Meredith Clausen; Archives of American Art 1983);  Paul Albert Thiry Architect (by Marga Rose Hancock; HistoryLink 2010)
Kevin Van Den Myelenberg (MArch 2002): Daylighting Design in the Pacific Northwest (w/ Christopher Meek;UW Press 2012)
Minoru Yamasaki (BArch 1934):  A Life in Architecture (Weatherhill 1979); Minoru Yamasaki (by Walt Crowley; HistoryLink 2003); Minoru Yamasaki: Humanist Architecture for a Modernist World (by Dale Allen Gyure; Yale University Press 2017)
Astra Zarina (BArch 1953):  I tetti de Roma: le terrazze, le altane, i belvedere (Zarina w/ Balthazar Korab; 1976); Astra Zarina (Jesse Russell & Ronald Cohn, eds.; Book on Demand 2012)
Gene Zema (BArch 1950):  Gene Zema, Architect, Craftsman (by Grant Hildebrand; UW Press 2012)

Note:  Shaping Seattle Architecture:  A Historical Guide to the Architects, edited by Jeffrey Karl Ochsner (UW Press 2014), includes essays on alumni/ae Kichio Allen Arai (BArch 1969), Elizabeth Ayer (BArch 1921), Fred Bassetti (BArch 1942), Jane Hastings (BArch 1952), Paul Hayden Kirk (BArch 1937), Benjamin McAdoo (BArch 1946), Victor Steinbrueck (BArch 1935), & Roland Terry (BArch 1960); & thumbnail sketches of numerous additional alumni/ae.