Atomic Resolution Microscope with aberration corrected probe. It is equipped with a CEOS Hexapole Cs corrector and that is capable to reach a spatial resolution of 0.78 Å in STEM mode. 
Spatially resolved elemental analysis by X-ray emission spectroscopy and localized electronic structure measurements by electron energy-loss spectroscopy are included. The flexible condenser system permits convergent beam diffraction and nanodiffraction in TEM and STEM modes. The Cs probe correction has been aligned at low voltages 80 and 120 kV. STEM-diffraction is also available in the microscope. 
Electron holography  and Lorentz microscopy are also available in this instrument. The dual-lens flexibility allows to work in low and high magnifications with a precise control of the voltage supplied to the objective lens from zero up to 7 Volts. Electron holography and the phase reconstruction can be processed in real time.

In situ capabilities: Electrical-optical, mechanics, hall effect sensor, Cryo, tomography. 



The crossbeam combines the FE-SEM performance with a FIB. It is a multi-detector acquisition system with SEM resolution (1.9nm @1 kV; 0.9 nm @30 kV –STEM mode) under analytical conditions, and the ability to mill and image simultaneously. 
Suitable for sample preparation, nanofabrication and FIB-milling with uniformly high resolution, it is a valuable tool when specialized preparation is required. Typical applications: TEM Lamella Preparation, Cross-sectioning and Tomography, 3D Analytics, and Nanopattering.
  JEOL 2010F

Field Emission Transmission Electron Microscope JEOL2010F with a high-resolution pole piece 1.9 A. Diffraction contrast (BF and DF) and phase contrast (HRTEM), selected area electron diffraction and convergent electron beam diffraction are available.  
 Hitachi SEM1510

Scanning electron microscope variable pressure. EDS solid state detector.
 JEOL 1230 TEM
Transmission Electron Microscope JEOL1230, energies 80 and 100 kV.
        Optical microscopy

Optical Zeiss stereoscopes with a CCD camera 
 AFM - Innova & Multimode
Scanning probe microscopy Veeco Innova and Multimode: tapping and contact modes, AFM , MFM , EFM , CAFM , EC- STM , and nanoindentation modules, is an advanced, reliable and efficient scanning probe system.      
  Hitachi STEM-5500

Scanning electron microscope equipped with STEM bright field and dark field detectors. The SEM/TEM microscope has a field-emission gun with a 0.4 nm of spatial resolution operated at 30 kV. 
Spatially resolved chemical analysis by X-ray emission spectroscopy is equipped with a solid- state Bruker detector, elemental line scanning, 2D mapping are available. Qualitative chemical information can be obtained from the topography of a material by using an automated YAG backscattered electron detector.
Panalytical XRD
Panalytical XRD

Multi-purpose vertical diffractometer (θ-θ) with Cu Kα radiation and a high-resolution goniometer with a step size 0.0001º and 2θ linearity ± 0.01º over the whole angular range. The diffractometer is equipped with two detectors: a standard proportional detector and a PIXcel3D detector. The system handles diffraction measurements on powders, liquid dispersions, thin films, nanomaterials, solid objects and 3-D objects. Empyrean offers a versatile platform for  a large range of advanced X-ray analytical techniques which include phase determination, Rietveld quantitative analysis, small- and wide-angle X-ray scattering (SAXS/WAXS) under low-vacuum conditions, grazing-incidence angle SAXS (GISAXS), texture and stress, micro X-ray diffraction (µXRD), thin film analysis, computed tomography and non-ambient analysis with the Anton-Paar DHS 1100 domed heated stage.
 Raman Spectroscopy
Raman Spectrometer Horiba with two different lasers beam (red and blue wavelength). 
 X-ray diffraction
X-ray diffraction Rigaku Ultima IV. Parallel beam and focused beam, small angle and thin films attachment.