The Dashboard Study

Study subjects needed for prostate cancer research

  • Several treatment choices are available
  • Deciding which one is best for you is important
  • Help us create a new tool to help doctors and patients make good decisions

We are studying how prostate cancer treatment decisions are made and what happens afterwards.

This study is the first step in creating a new tool to help doctors explain the pros and cons of the different treatment options available.

Participation in the study involves answering a series of questions about how your treatment decision is made.

Everyone who completes the study will receive a $30 gift card.

If you are interested in finding out more:

Call (585) 275-5973


NOTE (Us TOO Rochester NY) ~ This is a Special Interest Project sponsored by the Center for Disease Control. Men diagnosed with prostate cancer, in or out of treatment including those in watchful waiting or active surveillance, may be eligible no matter where they receive care or treatment in Rochester or the Finger Lakes region. (Principal Investigator, James Dolan MD)