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Many men are willing to discuss their prostate cancer experience with others by email or by phone. Our local chapter provides two options.

OPTION #1: Some survivors from Rochester, Syracuse and Buffalo regions provide their contact information and a few brief details about their experience in a private registry. However, a password is required for access. To obtain the registry password and begin a communication with other survivors, call the Chapter Leader at (585) 478 0897, or send email with your preferred phone number to: . Once you have the password, click HERE to access the "Talk with Survivors" registry. For more information about this option, Contact Us.

OPTION #2: Some members prefer to join a monthly conference call with "The Reluctant Brotherhood". The Reluctant Brotherhood is a nation wide 'online' support group of prostate cancer survivors. No advance registration is required. Just make the call. For more information about this option, including their 'FREE' conference-call number, dates, times and other details click HERE.