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Ukrainian Students' Club at Ryerson (2009 - Present)

September 2009

“In September of 2009, there were many Ukrainian students attending Ryerson University, but there was no Ukrainian Club to bring them together. We would often attend events organized by Ukrainian clubs from other universities' clubs. That year, Paul Terek and I, joined by our friends decided we were going to start our own club. We went to the Ryerson Students Union, pitched the idea, gathered the required signatures and were approved. We started off small, partnered with the Ukrainian clubs from York and U of T, and learned from them. We participated in Genocide Awareness week to teach people about the Holodomor. We also partnered with other cultural associations to hold pub nights. Little by little the club has grown. It's been such a joy to see the club grow with each year and each new ambitious group of people.”

Marta Iwanek