Start a Club

Clubs and community; A step by step.
  1. Members become Intermediate level certified instructor (example course offering: There are no pre requisites to becoming certified other than USAA membership. Many certified club members are needed so that all can share the volunteer duties. Encourage club members to become certified coaches to provide higher lever of form and technique reinforcement. The instructor certification course includes information on how to conduct lessons and back ground checking.
  2. Become a USAA club .The club membership include liability insurance. (The Paseo Vista Archery club is an example of a club that offers a variety of programs
  3. Become a 501(c3) not for profit organization per the IRS Nonprofit status and insurance are keys to being able to promote target archery.
  4. Apply for grants for equipment from the Easton Sports Development Foundation: Grants of $20,000 or more help to provide the tools needed to conduct quality programs.
  5. Use existing archery facilities and support local businesses so that they are a part of the community. Work with local business, the game and fish/natural resources, and the Easton Foundations to help establish archery ranges.
  • Encourage club members to become certified coaches.
  • Offer youth archery classes and encourage parents to participate and volunteer.

Clubs offer quality programs, attract members which helps clubs to grows and continue to serve the community for the long term. Having a large club membership is another key to allow the club to spread the work around.