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2015 State Outdoor Championships/JOAD Championships

posted Apr 28, 2015, 11:26 AM by Michael Speck
The 2015 USA Archery Arizona State and JOAD Outdoor Championship was fabulous. It was first year that individual elimination rounds were conducted for the entire field of archers. The individual elimination round was used to award the state championships in keeping with the contemporary international world archery competition. The tournament marked the first full test of the new USA Archery Arizona tournament timers. They don't like rain but worked great otherwise. Hot food was provided via grilled hamburger and hot dog style. Hot food is always a huge hit.

Day one: 39 targets were used for the ranking round shooting AB-CD. There were 22 categories for ranking. In the afternoon, team rounds were shoot with blended team. All had fun including the spectators. Day one went smoothly because the process was familiar to all.

Day two: The tournament host, Desert Sky Archers, conducted the individual elimination rounds in the quickest sequence possible by setting up a full field of 70 targets. WOW! It was as if elves worked all night to get things ready. Some categories were combined to form a total of 17 categories for the individual elimination rounds. Score flip cards allowed the spectators to keep track of completion (compound combative score and recurve set points). The progression went  well despite the staff, archers and coaches all being new to the process. Time between rounds was filled with supplemental practice ends so that the archers could stay warmed up. Rain began to fall during the medal matches adding to the unique experience.

Medals were awarded for the ranking round and team rounds. 2015 USA Archery Arizona State and JOAD Outdoor Championship plaques were awarded to the individual elimination match finals Gold, Silver and Bronze winners.
Weather both days was amazing, starting in the 60s and ending in the 80s on Saturday and 70s on Sunday. Breezes ranged from nonexistent to challenging with rain.

Results can be found here:

Thank you Desert Sky Archers for hosting the inaugural contemporary style Arizona State championship and meeting the challenge. Thank you USA Archery Clubs and volunteers for supporting and pitching in making the state championship special for everyone.

Host: Desert Sky Archers
Tourney Director: Rick Bachman
Venue: Ben Avery Shooting Facility FITA Range
123 Archers in 22 ranking categories and 17 combined elimination round categories.
22 category Ranking round, now cuts
Fun team rounds: 8 compound cumulative score and 8 recurve set point teams
17 combined category individual elimination rounds and finals, all simultaneous shooting.
DOS: Charles Corridori
Judges: Paula Simpson and Bob Pian, assisted by Rick Bachman
Results: Steve Yee
Results system: Ianseo
Field Crew Chief: Andi Morgan
Equipment moving equipment: Arvid Veidmark
Field Crew: Volunteers from Desert Sky, Arizona Archery Club and Corner Archery.
Office: 60' Modular trailer office with A/C ramp and stairs
Electrician: John McCurry

Special thanks to Ben Avery Shooting Facility and USA Archery Arizona Cup for providing a world class target archery equipment and facility set up for Arizona. Arizona is lucky to have a permanent 74 target range plus practice range in the iconic Phoenix metro area Sonoran desert!

Bob Pian