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2014 Inaugural Desert Classic

posted Oct 13, 2014, 3:18 PM by Michael Speck   [ updated Oct 13, 2014, 3:18 PM ]
2014 Inaugural Desert Classic
October 11, 2014
Ben Avery FITA Range

Desert Sky Archers was proud to present the 2014 Desert Classic. 71 Archers in 26 Teams from 7 clubs came out the Inaugural Desert Classic. The tournament started off with a 36 arrow qualifying round to rank the teams. Once ranked the teams started their team rounds. The format was confusing in the beginning. Remember inaugural is Greek for “forgive us, this is the first time.” Once it started flowing it worked pretty well. We will make some changes for next year and yes there will be a next year. The changes will help the tournament run smoother and increase archer participation. Desert Sky would like to thank all the clubs that participated.

· Arizona Archery Club with 7 teams
· Corner Kids with 5 teams
· Paseo Vista Archery with 4 teams
· Arizona Archery Academy with 1 team
· Archery Headquarters/Pineapple Archery combined for 1 team
· Desert Sky Archers with 8 teams

The team rounds were scored using the Recurve Set Format and the rounds were shot using the 1, 1, 1,1,1,1, arrow format. The teams all shot very well and several matches in the last round or on a 1 arrow shoot off. We received very positive feedback from a lot of participants asking for this tournament again next year. It will happen!

Results for Divisions as follows:

Recurve Bowmen Cub
1. Team Apollo-Arizona Archery Academy: Zoë Wapniarski, Waylon Hjerpe
2. Paseo Vista 10er’s-Paseo Vista Archery: Haley Petersheim, Samuel Nam, Nathanael Nam
3. AAC Team 8-Arizona Archery Club: Ben Skarnulis, Jordon Cook, Devin Smith

Recurve Cadet Junior
1. Paseo Vista MBA-Paseo Vista Archery: Rebecca Bell, Molly Nugent, Arkesh Ravikanti
2. Blue Fly Fish-Desert Sky Archers: Elizabeth Livingston, Devin Timson
3. Quasar-Desert Sky Archers: Isabella Del Principe, Sydney Adamonis

Recurve Senior Master
1. 12’ Ninja-Archery Headquarters/Pineapple Archery: Brett Litzler, Ben Schulte, Adam Vainuskas
2. Can’t Beat Us Twice-Paseo Vista Archers: Gary Yamaguchi, Gail Spore, Brian Foster

Compound Bowmen Cub
1. Nock Outs-Corner Kids: Claudia Wilcox, Haydon Longbons, Travis Levario
2. The Legends-Corner Kids: Jeremy Corridori, Autumn McLean, Luke North
3. I Like Turtles-Corner Kids: Spencer Yee, Lauren Kathrins, Joshua Wallins

Compound Cadet Junior
1. Tri Force-Desert Sky Archers: William Benoit, Kristin Huber, Jacob Nolte
2. AAC Team 5-Arizona Archery Club: Danii Gunn, Ben Maltbie, Thompson Wagner
3. Royal Arrow Force-Corner Kids: Hannah Huard, Alex Kathrins, Jordon Cuebas

Compound Senior Master
1. Rob Asay-Paseo Vista Archery: Rob Asay, Rob Bell, Courtney Smith
2. Just For Fun-Desert Sky Archers: Evea Warkentin, Troy Johnson, Melinda Kolker

We would like to thank everyone who helped set up, tear down and run the tournament. I know I have missed some families and I am sorry. These events are done for the archers to have fun but they can’t be done without a lot of peoples help.

Melinda Kolker, David Mitch, Steve Yee, Susan Yee, Charles Corridori, Joanna Heidebrecht, Carmen Gunn, Dave Gunn, John Gentile, Kyoko Gentile, North Family, Levario Family, Jennifer Toth, Suzanne Allen, Samantha Allen, and many others.