2019 AZ State Field Championships

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USA Archery AZ is excited to announce that Desert Destroyers will be hosting the 2019 AZ Field Championships at Naranja Park Archery Range in Oro Valley, AZ. This event will take place on March 9th & 10th.

Download the event flyers for more details & registration info.


For the most up to date information about the tournament, please visit the Desert Destroyers Facebook page.

2019 Arizona Archery Series Champion

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USA Archery Arizona is excited to announce the inception of the Arizona Archery Series Champion for 2019. All USA Archery Arizona members are eligible to participate through the opt in process outlined below. The top archer in each qualified division will earn recognition and support toward the 2020 National competition season.

For more details and to register to participate please click below.


2018 AZ Outdoor State Championships Recap

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Congratulations to all of the archers that competed this past weekend in the 2018 Outdoor Championships. We had 156 archers registered for the 2 day tourney. On Saturday, archers competed in a 720 qualifying round followed by elimination matches on Sunday. 

Arizona archers keep setting the bar higher each year with new records for the individual round & combined round. This year, we had 44 new records set among all of the divisions that were competing. Some of the records were 4+ years old that were broken in this year's Outdoor State. Congratulations to all of the archers that shot their personal bests, earned new pins, set state and/or National records and earned the title of State Champion. Results from the weekend can be found below.

Elimination Round Results (1st place = State Champion)
Barebow Cub Men
1. Abel Garcia
2. Srivarun Vungutur

Barebow Cub Women
1. Mia Wright
2. London Holley

Barebow Masters 60 Men
1. Michael Flamm
2. Ron Shinn

Barebow Senior Men
1. Paul Wright
2. Bryan Foster
3. Scott Sefranka

Recurve Cub Men
1. Waylon Hjerpe
2. Max Brazsky
3. Jedediah Maurer

Recurve Bowman Woman
1. Rachel Parker
2. Abigail Kippes
3. Hailey Franzone

Recurve Junior Men
1. Chris Austin
2. Stephen Roughton
3. Phillip Moore

Recurve Masters 70 Men
1. Paul Moore
2. Dennis Swartzfager
3. Terry LaBeau

Recurve Bowman Men
1. Patrick Nielsen
2. Max Mitchell

Recurve Senior Women
1. Eleanor Rodriguez
2. Kelsey Lard
3. Raley Morgan

Recurve Cadet Women
1. Zoey Wapniarski
2. Alexia Guitierrez
3. Emma Breid

Recurve Senior Men
1. Jackson Mirich
2. Andrew Park
3. Ron Gosnell

Recurve Cadet Men
1. Nicholas To
2. Jerod Focht
3. Ryan Black

Compound Bowman Women
1. Shaylee Smith
2. Kaitlyn Kreidler
3. Ella Carlson

Compound Bowman Men
1. Cole Lickfeldt
2. Hunter Stanfield
3. Aiden Reed

Compound Cub Women
1. Chloe Carlson
2. Lilly Graham
3. Harliegh Steiness

Compound Masters 60 Men
1. Larry Butterfield
2. Mark Hanson
3. Johnny Velasquez

Compound Cadet Women
1. Regan Pate
2. Elisa Keller
3. Grace Reed

Compound Cub Men
1. Stone Hendrickson
2. Tyler Stanfield
3. Allen Alihodzik

Compound Master 50 Men
1. Charley Swarts
2. Steven Belzner
3. Kyle Yoder

Compound Master 50 Women
1. Stephanie Lord
2. Caytie Belzner
3. West Keller

Compound Junior Women
1. Isabel Hansemann
2. Kim Hicks

Compound Junior Men
1. Spencer Yee
2. Samuel Lopez
3. Ryan Bachman

Compound Senior Men
1. Paeton Keller
2. Brandon Martin
3. Wade Flake

Compound Cadet Men
1. Cooper French
2. Kiel Amundsen
3. Preston Adkins

Compound Senior Women
1. Alexis Ruiz
2. Jena Miller
3. Veronica Rosas

Compound Master 70 Men
1. Roland Brown
2. Ronnie Babb

Compound Collegiate Senior Men
1. Devin Lilligaard
2. Kyle Hull
3. Nicholas Whitley

Recurve Junior Women
1. Molly Nugent

Recurve Masters 50 Men
1. Michael Anthony

Recurve Cub Women
1. Laurel Anderson

Recurve Masters 60 Women
1. Diana LaBeau

Barebow Senior Women
1. Melody Richards

Barebow Cadet Women
1. Jaquelyn Anderson

Barebow Masters 50 Men
1. Jeff Bower

Barebow Masters 50 Women
1. Bella Kozak

Barebow Cub Men
1. Dustyn Werner

Barebow Masters 60 Women
1. Brenda Smith

Barebow Collegiate Junior Women
1. Anna Bain

Qualifying Round Results

2018 JOAD Outdoor Nationals

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Many of our Arizona archers spent the past week in Raleigh, NC to compete in the 2018 JOAD Outdoor Nationals. All of the archers did a fantastic job representing AZ and made us proud! Congratulations to everyone on their performance and success and a huge shout out to those that returned with the title of NATIONAL CHAMPION!!

Front row left to right
Waylon Hjerpe (National Champion), Stone Hendrickson, Chris Mussman, Jackson Mirich, Andrew Park, Chris Austin

Back Row Left to right
Spencer Yee, Thompson Wagner, Logan Sampsel, Zoey Wapniarski, Vance LeSatz, Alexis Ruiz (National Champion), Molly Nugent, Raley Morgan, Kate Stains, Whitney Jensen, Elisa Keller, Ashlyn Merritt, Preston Atkins, Kolbe Borelli

Not Pictured
Cooper French (National Champion), Maya Miller, Christopher Mozilo, Grace Reed, Kolin Tersey, Kaitlin Kreidler, Jordan Ashby, Blake Ashby

2018 State Championships - Records Set

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2018 JOAD Indoor  (PC: Corner Archery)
 2018 Master's Outdoor (PC: Papago Archery)

2018 JOAD Outdoor  (PC: Corner Archery)

Arizona has hosted 4 of the 5 State Championship tournaments for 2018 to date. Both Indoor Championships were held in January, while the Master's Outdoor and JOAD Outdoor were held in April. There were many new state records set at each of these events and all records have been updated on the website. We want to congratulate all of the archers who have competed, whether it was a first time competition or you are a seasoned archer, we commend you for competing and working toward reaching your goals. We have a tremendous amount of talent here in Arizona!! 

January 8th, 2018  
2018 AZ State Indoor State Championships

January 27-28, 2018 
2018 AZ State JOAD Indoor State Championships

April 14th, 2018 
2018 AZ State Master's State Championships

April 27-28, 2018
2018 AZ State JOAD Outdoor Championships

September 29-30, 2018
2018 AZ State Outdoor Championships
??? How Many Records Will Be Broken ???

2018 AZ State Outdoor Championships

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USA Archery Arizona is pleased to announce the following Outdoor State Championships being held in April are available in conjunction with these local clubs. Please make sure to check out the hosting clubs website's for the event information and online registrations.

AZ State Master's Outdoor Championships - hosted by Papago Archery Club & USA Archery AZ

This 900 round event will be held on April 14th, 2018 at the Papago Archery Range in Phoenix, AZ.
For more information about this event & to register - click here.


AZ State JOAD Outdoor Championships - hosted by Corner Archery & USA Archery AZ

This annual event will be held on April 28-29, 2018 at the Ben Avery FITA Range in Phoenix, AZ. An Adult Money Shoot held in conjunction with the youth shoot. For more information about these events & to register - click here.


Arizona 2018 U.S. Archery Team Members

posted Nov 22, 2017, 11:23 AM by Kristy Wapniarski   [ updated Nov 22, 2017, 1:42 PM ]

(image by USA Archery)

Arizona archers didn't disappoint this year as they took on the USAT circuit with confidence and walked away securing 7 spots for 2018. Congratulations to our local talent for all of their hard work and dedication to the sport. These positions were, without a doubt, well deserved!

Senior Compound Women
Danielle Reynolds
Robyn Repp

Senior Recurve Men
Brady Ellison

Master Compound Women
Catherine (Caytie) Belzner

Master Recurve Men
Gary Yamaguchi

Junior Compound Women
Alexis Ruiz

Cadet Recurve Men
Jackson Mirich

Full press release by USA Archery can be read here:

2017 USAA-AZ & AZ JOAD Coaches Symposium

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On October 1st, 2017, coaches gathered from all over Arizona to participate in the 2017 AZ Coaches Symposium that was hosted by the USA Archery Arizona State Association & AZ JOAD. 14 different clubs were represented at this one day event.

There were many visual presentations, demonstrations and hands on activities throughout the day. This is the 2nd year that this continuing education & networking opportunity has been provided for the Arizona archery community. The State Association looks forward to arranging future engagements for athletes, coaches, judges, parents & volunteers in our community.

2017 Presentations Included:
  • Opti International, a performance optimization organization, that specializes in brain training software to help athletes reach their optimum performing potential. Presenters included Dr. Debbie Crews and Two-time Olympian Judi Adams (
  • Compound & Recurve NTS Shooting by USAA-AZ Board Member, Level 4 NTS & Compound JDT Coach, Steve Yee
  • Judging Rules (Shooting & Conduct) for Coaches & Archers by World Archery International Judge & USA Archery National Judge, Bob Pian.
  • Tournaments and Arizona Archery Updates provided by USAA-AZ Board Member and Club Director of Desert Sky Archers, Rick Bachman
  • Fundraising for Clubs and Archers presented by USAA-AZ Board Member, AZ JOAD Coordinator & Level 3 NTS Coach, Krista Colonna

We want to thank our remarkable Arizona JOAD Coordinators, Jackie Levario & Krista Colonna, for taking the time to organize this incredible opportunity.

Do you have any suggestions or ideas for presentations you'd like to see in 2018? Please contact us ( and share.

Congratulations to the 2017 USAA-AZ Board of Directors

posted Sep 29, 2017, 6:01 PM by Kristy Wapniarski   [ updated Sep 29, 2017, 8:09 PM ]

Congratulations to the winners of the 2017 USA Archery AZ Board of Directors election.

Charles Corridori
Diana LaBeau
Krista Colonna

We'd like to thank Mike Speck for his many years of dedication, support, guidance and service to the Arizona archery community. He has served as our Treasurer, website design & support and contributed so much over the years that there will definitely be a void and shoes that will be hard to fill. We bid you farewell from your Board duties, Mike, but look forward to seeing you at future archery events and at the shooting line.

The current Board of Directors, as of October 1st, 2017 will be:

Mike Cullumber (serving until 2018)
Charles Corridori (serving until 2019)
Richard Bachman (serving until 2018)
Diana LaBeau (serving until 2019)
Steve Yee (serving until 2018)
Kristy Wapniarski (serving until 2018)
Krista Colonna (serving until 2019)

Thank you to all of the candidates that ran in this year's election. We are thrilled with the increased interest that was received and appreciate all of those that were willing to make the commitment to serve the Arizona community.

Arizona Archer Interview from the 29th World University Games (Taipei 2017)

posted Sep 21, 2017, 5:21 PM by Kristy Wapniarski   [ updated Sep 21, 2017, 5:33 PM ]

Arizona Archer, Paeton Keller, recently returned from the 29th Summer Universiade competition held in Taipei Taiwan in August 2017. Mr. Keller competed with the Men's Compound USA Team. 

We were fortunate enough to 'sit down' with Mr. Keller and pick his brain during an interview with questions that were submitted by local archers, coaches & parents in the community.


Q: How old are you? 


Q: How long have you lived in Arizona?

A: I have lived in Arizona all my life, growing up in Northern Phoenix then moving to Flagstaff to complete my Bachelors at Northern Arizona University.

How long have you been involved in archery?

A: I started shooting a bow about 12 years ago, but competitively until just before leaving for college.

Q: Do you shoot with a club? Which one?

A: The closest to a club I have been involved in was upon joining the Northern Arizona University Archery Club and Team.

Q: Do you have a private coach you train with?

A: I have never had a private or team coach, and have almost exclusively trained alone.

Q: What was your first experience shooting a bow?

A: My first experience shooting a bow was when I had the urge to make my own bow in my back yard. It consisted of a ¾” dowel which I soaked to get it to bend, then used simple string to top it off. This was a crude start into archery, but my interest sparked those around me to help me into the sport of archery.

Q: Do you participate in any other types of archery besides target?

A: Archery for me started with bow hunting and has been the backbone of my urge to become more accurate and more effective hunter. Once starting in bow hunting, I transition into shooting local 3d purely for fun. After a few years of solely trying to hone my skills for hunting, I began to try to gain experience to be better than those I shot with and that lead me into shooting in small shoots.

Q: When did you know you wanted to be a competitive archer?    
A: After my second actual compound bow, I knew I had the potential to shoot better than most people I met, which is when the lure of competition began.

 What kind of set up do you shoot?

A: For competition, I compete in the compound division. I use a Prime ONEstx36v2 (60lb/29.25”) with FirstString strings, BeeStinger stabilizers, Axcel sight, AAE rest, Easton x10 ProTour arrows, and Scott Sigma release. I have been shooting for Prime for a few years now have become very confident with their bows in hand.

For hunting, I use the Prime Centergy Hybrid (80lb/29.5”) with BeeStinger Stabilizers, Axcel sight, Trophy Taker rest, Easton Axis arrows, TightSpot quiver, and Scott Sigma release.

Q: Have you always shot compound?

A: I have always competed with a compound bow, but actually began in the Bowhunter division in my first two years of competition. My strive for more accuracy naturally lead me into the open compound division which I have thoroughly enjoyed. I also have recurve bows that I use just for fun and practice.

To date, what World level competitions have you participated in?

A: As of today World level competition that I have competed in include many years of the Vegas shoot, 28th World University Games in Gwangju South Korea (2015), World University Championships in Ulaanbaatar Mongolia (2016), as well as the 28th World University Games in Teipei Taiwan (2017) most recently. My top performance was at the World University Championships in Mongolia with an individual Bronze as well as a team Bronze with David McNealy and Garrett Abernethy.


Q: What does it take to get to this level of competition e.g. What is your practice schedule like each week/month, level of dedication, etc? Is there anything you would do different to help prepare you better for this level of competition?   Do you take time off during the year?

A: To get to this level of competition it takes a lot of work. As far as practice is concerned I feel that I need to be practicing as soon as the last indoor tournament ends for outdoor season. This allows me to train physically for shooting more arrows at each tournament, maintain muscle memory, and constantly improve my form and mental game. I do not have a set schedule or number of arrows per week due to my busy schedule with school and work. Sometimes I am able to shoot at least an hour every day, while other weeks I may only practice once, but it requires dedication to shoot the most (and most effectively) you can.

If I could go back in preparation for this competition, I would have turn my focus from getting to shoot every day, to focusing on improving and perfecting each and every shot, one at a time. I feel that I had started going out to practice with the mind set of just being able to shoot, which ultimately dulled my shooting in the weeks prior to the competition.

I do take of late August through September from shooting due to Archery season here in Arizona and as a “cool down” from outdoors season, even though competition is still always on my mind.


Q: What's your favorite part of being able to travel to international destinations to compete?

A: My favorite part of being able to travel to international competitions is the experience, nerves, and connections I make. There is a lot of pressure on international competitors to perform the best in foreign and unfamiliar conditions which helps me tremendously for future competitions as well as non-archery related aspects of my life. The people you meet help make the sports that much more enjoyable and help you train harder.


Q: What's your least favorite? 

A: My least favorite part of international travel is trying to re-assimilate into a normal sleep schedule when I return, it is always difficult.

Q: What did you expect or not expect about your experience while traveling & participating in this international competition?   

A: Because I already have experience with international competition, I felt that I had a great grasp of what to expect throughout the whole trip. This helped me plan my sleep schedule beforehand, what I really did and did not need to bring, and what to be prepared for. However, for this trip to Taipei, I did not expect the weather that I was met with once arriving. We had been warned about rain and mosquitoes, but upon arrival I found there to be no mosquitos and we only had rain one day while there. What was truly unexpected was the immense humidity, with temperature in the 90-95 degree range and humidity ranging from 85 to 90 percent. I had never shot in conditions quite like it, and was very different from Flagstaff where I have been practicing for the last four years.

Q: What's your number one tip you have for aspiring archers that are interested in pursuing World teams?    

A: My best tip for aspiring archers who wish to compete on World Teams is to compete in as many local and national tournaments as you can. This will not only help you become a better archer, but will prepare you for the difficulties in traveling to compete.

Q: What kind of funding is provided for archers regarding their travel, lodging, food, etc during these events?

A: As far as this trip is concerned with USA Archery, all of my required flights were taken care of as well as competition wear throughout the trip. Once in Taipei, travel to and from the airport and event venues were organized by FISU and the local organization. Lodging consisted of an athlete’s village for the thousands of athletes, with three wings each consisting of 10-15 20 story apartment buildings. Food was provided at the athlete’s cafeteria. All other travel and food outside of necessary competition requirements was placed on the individual athletes to fund. USA Archery Arizona is also great with providing aid to the Arizona archers who travel to compete, which helps tremendously for small cost while traveling like food, as well as auxiliary adventures while abroad.

This trip was well funded, however that is not always the case with international competition. I have been on teams that I was required to pay my way to get to the international departure location.

Q: Do you share lodging space with other teammates while traveling?

A: At the competitions I have attended, archers have shared lodging with one another. Depending on the size of the hotel/apartment that are set up for athletes, all the males, or just the male compound team stay in the same room / apartment. The World University Games are quite unique in that USA has more than just an archery team, and the whole USA team will share an Apartment building. This is exciting because it allows us to interact with other athletes of different sports.

Q: How does the coaching support work during these events? Do you get to work with your private coach, an assigned coach/team manager/etc? Do you feel supported by these members?

A: At these events, there are usually coaches for each division (4 total) with two to three more team managers and coaches. I am not sure exactly how travel with a private coach works, but I do know that there was one who traveled with us to Taipei, so it is an option. With the lack of experience of coaches interacting with the archers, it is generally up to each archer to convey what coaching they do or don’t want to receive. No matter what, the coaching staff that I have been able to travel with have been some of the nicest people to work with and are extremely helpful, not only in a coaching aspect, but in helping in any way throughout the duration of the trip and even after.

Q: Have you found that more sponsorship opportunities have presented themselves as a result of making world teams?

A: International competition always helps lead to more sponsorship opportunities. While I have not gained any more sponsors, there have been more available. In addition, the experience and connects one makes on these trips can be worth more than sponsorships.

Q: What was the highlight of your experience at this competition? What was the least enjoyable part of the experience?

A: One of my favorite experiences of this competition was how Chris, Adam, and myself came back after all having disappointing eliminations to come back and perform well with one another in the Team eliminations. It just goes to show that archery is a very mental sport and going into the day with the right attitude can determine the effectiveness of the day.

Q: Did you feel supported by your teammates that were a part of the USA team?

A: The archery community in general is a very supportive organization and the friendships you make on an international trip are often more supportive that within a local club.

Not only are the USA teammates supportive, but all the archers in general are. For example, during eliminations the rear stabilizer mount on my bow sheared off during the 4th end. With no time to replace the mount, Team Italy’s Jocopo Polidori offered me his backup bow to finish the match without hesitation. This goes to show the friendliness and helpfulness of all archers from all countries.

Q: Do you like the new team uniforms that were worn at the event? Are they comfortable and easy to shoot in?

A: The new Team USA Archery Uniforms were great. They are unique in comparison to most of the other counties and really stand out, which I enjoy. I also liked the transition to the blue UA shorts, they are more comfortable to shoot in for me personally. I originally was worried about shooting in the new shirts with the zippered collar because it tends to stick up no matter what, but it ended up working out just fine.

We want to thank Paeton Keller for taking the time to answer all of our questions and for providing all of the photographs from the event and travels to Taipei that were included with this interview.

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