ASAA Toxophilite of the Year Award

\Tox*oph"i*lite\, n. A lover of archery; one devoted to archery.

USA Archery Arizona has revived the annual Toxophilite of the Year Award in 2018. Congratulations to Terry and Diana Labeau on receiving this year's award for their dedication to the sport and Arizona Archery.

From 1975 to 2010 USA Archery Arizona (Formerly the Arizona State Archery Association ASAA) elected individuals of varying backgrounds and accomplishments for the annual Toxophilite Award, recognizing long term contributions to target archery in Arizona.
Dedicated to Alfred K. Henderson 

Al began his Arizona archery career in 1945 as a competitor. In 1947 he began coaching and in 1952 started an archery business. In 1976 Al was chosen as the Professional Archer of the Year and the 1976 Olympic Archery Coach. He served as a board member for the PAA, ALOA, AAC and as the director of PAA Instructor’s School. Alfred K. Henderson was best known for his promotion of archery in all its aspects and his advancement of coaching techniques.

 1975  Alfred K. Henderson
 1976  Alfred K. Henderson
 1977  Fred D. Chesire
 1978  Mark Vancas
 1979  N/A
 1980  David H. Convery
 1981  Richard McKinney
 1982  Les Court
 1983  Richard McKinney
 1984  Richard McKinney
 1985  Richard McKinney
 1986  Jay Barrs
 1987  Terry LaBeau
 1988  Jay Barrs
 1989  Kevin Erlandson
 1990  Terry LaBeau
 1991  Steve Lewis
 1992  Michael Seddon
 1993  Mike Fournier
 1994  Kevin Erlandson
 1995  Stewart Bowman
 1996  Terry LaBeau
 1997  Jim Hamilton
 1998  Terry LaBeau
 1999  Michael Koistenen
 2000  Foster Gorman
 2001  Ted Harden I & Ted Harden II
 2002  Michael Koistenen
 2003  Robert Pian
 2004  Alan Huff
 2005  Harold Rush
 2006  Wayne Davidson
 2007  Dick Tone
 2008  N/A
 2009  Mel Nichols
 2010  Mike Cullumber
Dedicated to Margaret L. Klann 

Margaret began her Arizona archery career in 1945 as an instructor at ASU, where she taught and coached until 1976. During that time she produced many All Americans and National Champions. She was the founder of the NAA College Division and the driving force behind the formation of the ASAA. Margaret was active as an US Olympic Archery committee member and a NAA Board of Governors member.

 1975  Margaret L. Klann
 1976  Margaret L. Klann
 1977  Olive V. Crouch
 1978  Sue Vancas
 1979  Judi Plants
 1980  Irene Daubenspeck
 1981  Sheri Rhodes
 1982  Maree Court
 1983  Linda McMillen
 1984  N/A
 1985  Judi Adams
 1986  Sheri Rhodes
 1987  Merion Rhodes
 1988  Sheri Rhodes
 1989  Michaela Dye
 1990  Wendy Erlandson
 1991  Hilary Hirsch-Ascani
 1992  Sheri Rhodes
 1993  Diana Carr (LaBeau)
 1994  Kathy Greene
 1995  Hilary Hirsch-Ascani
 1996  Kathy Greene
 1997  Lori Mitchell
 1998  Kathy Greene
 1999  Kathy Greene
 2000  Kathy Grant
 2001  Vivian Koistinen
 2002  Janice Price
 2003  Nancy Myrick
 2004  Lindsay Pian
 2005  Barbara Noblet
 2006  Kari Granville
 2007  Janice Price
 2008  N/A
 2009  Diane Tone
 2010  Michaela Richard & Paula Simpson