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Roku streaming device, the best choice for streaming as it arrives with attractive design, exciting features such as excellent picture & streaming quality, internet connectivity options,4K & HDR streaming options, compatible remote , quad-core processor and lot more. Use the mobile app or remote app to control your device, make your selection and begin streaming. As features of each model differ check out the reviews, get an idea of the features & specifications to proceed to begin your purchase.Its time to begin exploring the entertainment programs streaming Roku.

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Inviting you to the world of entertainment

It’s the Roku channel store where you can access most entertaining channels and also, there are three channel categories (free, paid & private channels). Latest program collections are always updated on channel and therefore, it’s your interest to opt for programs that you like the most

Top Roku streaming device models

Here we suggest the top Roku streaming device gadgets and it’s always recommended to opt for the best one with the most exciting features

  • Streaming Stick

  • Streaming Stick Plus

  • Express

  • Express Plus

  • Roku Premiere

  • Roku Premiere plus

  • Roku Ultra

  • Roku 3,Roku 4 & Roku 1

Opt for the best model, execute Roku channel activation steps, activate your favorite channels, begin streaming and then, you will never end up feeling bored

For Roku streaming device users

Are you a Roku streaming device user & do not know how to proceed with setup, let us help you with the setup process. Refer the device setup guide or get help from our team of techies to proceed with setup instructions

Roku device setup guide

Once you purchase a Roku streaming device model, it’s not a big deal to complete Roku device setup and then, you can begin executing Roku device setup instructions available

Collect the preliminary requirements

Before you proceed, gather essential requisites for setup

  • Roku account

  • Power cable &Ethernet cable

  • Wireless network credentials(username and password)

  • Webpage or URL for device linking process

  • Compatible router if required

Create a Roku account for your streaming gadget

  • Creating a Roku account is easy and then,

  • we recommend you to navigate to the page

  • Provide the required data in the required space that include name, email ID & Password

  • It’s good that you can update the required data in the required space

  • Finally, click on the submit tab and Roku account creation process will complete

Roku device setup & activation guide using

  • Initially, switch on your streaming gadget & if the device is brand new, we have the initial setup process to be done. You can check if you have the preliminary requirements. Wait for Roku logo to appear on your screen before you proceed

  • If its power cable, connect one end to streaming gadget and another end to the power adaptor. Opt for compatible settings to choose display, language and then, establish a good speed network connection

  • Select the option, wireless and you can provide network username and password in the required space visible on your screen. The software update is automatic once you establish the network connection and it’s time to proceed to link your device to Roku account

  • Login to Roku account with existing credentials & those users who do not have an account can create one reading Roku account creation steps mentioned above. Open a new browser from your mobile device or PC to type URL

  • As soon as you click on the URL, you will receive a prompt to type device linking code or activation code. Device linking process will complete as you wait and now, it’s time to activate & watch most entertaining channels on Roku

It’s time to troubleshoot Roku error codes or error messages

Roku error codes indicate error messages that always popup as you proceed with device setup, activation & troubleshooting. Hence let us provide you update on common error codes that popup. Get rid of the Roku device setup & activation issues for uninterrupted streaming. As we have a lot of troubleshooting tips & tricks, it’s not a big deal to resolve Roku error codes that popup

  • Error code 014

  • Error code 003

  • Error code 001

  • Roku error code 009 & 016

  • Error code 011

  • HDCP errors

Denote Network issues or Internet connection errors and therefore to resolve it, you can check network credentials or router that you use.

Are you interested to activate & watch the most entertaining Roku channels?

  • Entertaining channels on Roku are many & are categorized to three. Select any of the categories and let us help you with Roku channel activation guide

  • Private channels or hidden Roku channels

How to activate & watch your favorite channel on Roku?

  • To start with turn on your device & verify if all settings are valid and network connection is active. Now decide the top Roku channels that you would like to activate

  • Login to Roku account & then navigate to channel store to start your search. Starting the channel search is easy & you can type channel name visiting the search tab. Once if the channel search results appear, make your channel selection and then, click on the Add channel option

  • For paid channel activation, pay subscription charges and if it’s a private channel, navigate to manage account tab on your account and then, opt for the option, add channel with a code. Also make a note that private channel code differ for each private channel that you choose

  • Finally to get Roku channel search results, type the channel name navigating to search tab & recommend you to wait for search results to appear on your device display screen. Besides set your account pin and this step can help to avoid most of channel activation issues or unauthorized channel purchase

If you are interested in live streaming

If live-streaming is your choice, we have packages that include DirecTV, Play station Vue, Hulu with Live TV, Sling TV and a lot more

To access these packages, make your selection & then pay the compatible subscription charges required for selected package

You can also try installing the compatible Channel apps to begin streaming your favorites. Begin your app search visiting the device app store.

To access from your mobile device

Where ever you are, it’s possible to access your favorite channel and all you need to do is to begin your search to find the channel app and then, check for compatibility to begin installing it

Open the app,connect your device to network, personalize your settings to proceed using the app. Its always good to check for the app compatibility before downloading the channel apps

In case if you end up with issues, uninstall the app & install it once again

Top & entertaining Roku Channels

If you are ready for Roku channel activation, let us recommend most-streamed channels. There exist separate channels for Movies, Sports and Music lovers and you can opt for the respective channels and then, proceed with activation steps

  • Court TV

  • Olympic channel

  • Fox Nation

  • The Weather channel

  • The Roku channel

  • Film On

  • Crunchy roll

  • I Tunes podcast

  • Roku Movies

  • Maddy Mation

  • Amazon prime music

  • PBS kids

  • Sony Crackle

  • Popcorn Flix

  • Pandora and Spotify Music

  • Film rise

Our vision to offer best support & assistance

On the positive side, we always focus on customer satisfaction and quality of support that we offer.

  • Assistance to setup & activate your Roku streaming gadget

  • Guidance to create Roku account and also, login

  • Instructions to link your streaming device to your account using the page

  • In addition,we suggest tips & tricks to get rid of Roku device setup, activation and channel activation Issues, activation code error, device pairing & remote issues.

Help you to get rid of the Roku error codes that popup

  • Error code 009

  • Code 001

  • Error code 003

  • Code 014

  • Error code 001

  • Codes 018 and 017

Suggest the top and best Roku streaming gadgets to buy . Also, provide updates on the latest channel apps to install on your device. welcomes you to the next step in the field of entertainment. An incredible array of entertainment through free as well as paid channels, streaming through your television set. Thousands of channels, millions of hours’ worth of entertainment, something for everyone, whenever and wherever you want. The support staff will make the process seamless and solve any query to your utmost satisfaction.

How May We Help You?

  • The moment there is a diversion in your path to endless entertainment, let us help you.

  • Choose your category –

  • Roku Streaming Players

  • Roku TV

  • For your convenience, here is a round-up of the most common queries and problems.

Setting It Up

One of the most common queries involves the setting up of the Roku account. You need a valid email ID and the most crucial step is to visit to enter code. The activation code is what will help you enable your personal account. In case you have issues with the activation code, immediately contact our support staff here.

Roku TV comes ready-to-set and play.

In case of physical setup and collaboration of the Roku device with your existing TV, you need to ensure that the Roku device is compatible with your existing TV. The newer Smart TVs have the HDMI connection required to interface with the Roku devices. But older TVs might require cabling. The technicalities are important while making Roku purchase.

Once the physical setup is complete, it is easy to perform the internet connectivity with the instructions on the screen. You can always reach out to the support staff at in case of any issues.

Everyone needs to have a proper and comprehensive Roku account so that they can access the local media player and enjoy the free content over the Roku channel and the to enter code. These kinds of channels are very easily available on smart TVs as well as on the online platforms. The best part associated with the whole concept is that setting up the Roku account is free as well as a very easy process. The whole concept is built into the guided step so that the configuring of the Roku device can be easily done. Whenever any of the individuals open the Roku channel on a Samsung TV or the web browser, then they are provided with the complete opportunity of creating an account. It is very much preferable for the individuals to visit the official website of Roku at the time of creating the account for installation of that application.

Following is the step-by-step approach of creating the Roku account on the web browser

  • The individuals are supposed to go to the official website of the Roku.

  • Then the people are supposed to click on the sign-in button, which is present in the upper right corner of the webpage.

  • Then one can click on the right side of the page where it is written ‘create account’ button.

  • When the account formation has been completed after entering the name and email address and other related processes, then the individuals have to click on the ‘continue’ button so that they can have access to the Roku account which they can utilizeto use the Roku device or sign in to the free Roku channel.

  • The step-by-step approach of creating the Roku account using the mobile application is mentioned as follows:

  • The individuals are required to install the rock or application on the android device or the iPhone.

  • Then they can begin with starting the Roku application.

  • Then they can click on the more buttons, which are present in the lower right corner of the screen.

  • Then the individuals are supposed to click on the sign-in button which is present at the bottom of the screen. After this, one can tap the “create a free account” button so that one can proceed.

  • After this, the individuals are supposed to enter the required information, which the application asks for. Then click on the submit button so that account can be created and create account.

How Do I personalize my Roku device?

Your Roku device and system are yours to personalize with the help of personally chosen themes.

  • Go to Home-> Settings-> Themes-> My Theme and browse through the previews.

  • Choose a new theme by pressing OK on your remote button.

  • Your device will automatically showcase seasonal themes during special occasions such as Christmas and will revert to your chosen theme after the special theme expires automatically.

Whenever any of the individuals want to add the customization element in the Roku streaming player or device, then they have to follow several kinds of tips mentioned as follows:

Adding the Channels: The Roku device comes with several kinds of entertainment packed and free as well as paid channels from which individuals can choose accordingly. One can add any of the channels by simply going to the channel store by pressing the home button. Then one can scroll up or down and can select the streaming channels so that the channel store can be opened. At the top of the general store, there is a list of feature channels from which one can explore and choose accordingly. The whole process of wedding channels is very easy.

Moving the Channels: The individuals can also add the customization element by moving the location of the channel on the home screen. The individuals are only required to hover over a channel and press the start button on the remote to choose from all the available options.

Changing the Theme: To give a new field and change the look of the home screen, the individuals can also go with the option of changing the team. There are several kinds of colors and styles available of the menus so that Roku interface can be given over on new look. Several kinds of themes are included in the Roku swimming layer which can be very easily downloaded from the Roku channel store.

Customizing Screensavers: Another way of adding the customization element in the Roku streaming device is to change the screen savers and choose from all the available options. The individual simply needs to go to the screen savers option in the Roku general store so that they can choose the perfect one according to needs and preferences.

Adding parental control: There are several kinds of channels present on Roku and the individuals always can add the channel and keep them away from the children in the household. For this purpose, the individuals can very easily log in to the Roku account and can set a pin code by updating the pin preferences very easily.

Hence, the above-mentioned ways can be very effectively undertaken to add the customization element on the Roku streaming device.

What should I do if I cannot hear audio?

  • Check the cables and ensure that the audio connectors are in the right socket.

  • Check the sound levels on your TV as well as the AVR to see if it is low or on the mute setting.

  • Go to Home-> Settings-> Audio to figure out if your TV is not supporting the Dolby format or something similar is happening.

What should I do if I cannot see the video?

  • Check the power cables to ensure they are firmly connected. Ensure that the connections are live.

  • Check the source selected on TV, ensure that the Roku device and TV are in sync.

  • Check the manual and the cables to see that the connectors are in the right socket and settings.

  • Sometimes, the sync settings need to go through a cycle before activating. Wait for it to complete successfully.

How do I deal with a software update?

  • Roku devices automatically update their software every day as and when the updates are released. Sometimes an ‘unable to update software’ may pop up.

  • Try to manually update the software

  • If the message continues, check internet connectivity.

  • Check the router and the wireless signal strength.

  • In case the error persists, go for a system reboot at Settings-> System-> System Reboot option

How do I deal with Power and Heating Issues?

You may notice two kinds of flashing lights on your Roku device that signify Low Power or Overheating issues.

  • If the light in front of the Roku device is flashing red intermittently, it means the device is low on power and needs checking.

  • A warning follows on the screen about ‘low power’.

  • Check the USB cable connection with the Roku device and see if it is faulty or middling.

  • Change its socket to see if the situation changes.

  • You can choose to directly connect the device to a power source and use the power adapter that comes with the device to do so.

  • Use only the official adapters and cables with your Roku device as other brands may not be compatible with the system.

  • If the light in front of the Roku device is flashing red continuously and steadily, it means that the device is in danger of overheating.

  • A warning follows on the screen about ‘your device is overheating’.

  • The prudent course of action is to switch off the device and completely disconnect it from all other devices as well as a power source.

  • Wait for 10 minutes before connecting the device to any power source or other electronic device and playing it.

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In case you have any other issues such as weak signals, renaming your Roku device, adding or removing your favorite channels, or any feature of not working, or even syncing your Roku device with your existing TV is difficult, feel free to connect with our support staff at who are just a click away.

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