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Urdu Tex Box Urdu Tex Box Ver 1.0 Urdu Tex Box

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Urdu Text Box (AlKatib1(2.1)a) Ver.1.0
* Can be distributed without permission but only this (free one) urdu control.
* This version supports numbers in english format.
* Keyboard layout just like phonetic in inpage urdu ver. 2004.
* Tell me to have this control according to your need, i/my team will work best.
* Supports only Urdu. Next version will support both urdu and english languages.
* Its small file and you can download within 15 seconds on a broadband connectoin.
* Installation is easy and help files are equipped with the zip file.

Why Use M Urdu Text Box

  • Create beautiful interface in Urdu of your softwares and computer applications.
  • ┬áCan be used on Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows VISTA, Windows Millennium.
  • Installation is easy, see 'install.txt' file included in the zip file for installation instructions.
  • Can be set/modified according to your need if you tell me.
  • Beautiful border color
  • Download Help File for Urdu textbox activeX control.
  • Download installation instructions for Urdu textbox control.
  • Download OCX file, Urdu textbox control.
  • Download font file only if you already using my Urdu Textbox control but do not have or font file is missing for some reason.
  • Download Keyboard layout of Urdu Textboxt.
  • Click here to download all files simultaneously, zip file.

Please inform me about the progress +923328708824

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