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Indoor and Outdoor Environment

Please note that the information on this page relates to our previous setting at The Scout Hut and will be updated as soon as possible

         Children arrive eager to participate in the excellent range of activities and experiences which await them at pre-school. (Ofsted, June 2008)
The Outdoor Environment

 The Early Years Foundation Stage (2008) says that being outdoors has a positive impact on children’s sense of well-being and helps all aspects of a child’s development.  Allowing children to play outdoors offers opportunities for doing things in different ways and on different scales than when indoors.  It gives children first hand contact with weather, seasons and the natural world.  Our outdoor environment gives children the freedom to explore, use their senses and be physically active.  While we offer a secure, fenced area which allows children the freedom to move between the indoors and outdoors during their play, we do sometimes explore our local environment too. For example: we have walked down to Morrisons to look at packaging when we did about recycling; we have collected rubbish; explored sounds in our environment; had an Easter egg hunt; races......and many, many more activities.

The children also like to use the outdoor areas to extend their learning. They like to plant, grow and harvest vegetables such as beans and courgettes and feel proud of their achievements as they taste them during planned tasting activities. The children learn about recycling as they plant and grow sunflowers, measure them and cut them down keeping the seeds to make bird feeders and composting the leaves for planting flowers. (Ofsted, 2011)

  The Indoor Environment

Our indoor environment offers children a safe, secure and yet challenging space for the children.
  The Early Years Foundation Stage (2008) suggests that for some children, the indoor environment is like a second “home”, providing a place for activity, rest, and eating.  Our indoor space has been carefully planned so that it can be used flexibly and offers a wide range of accessible age appropriate activities.  Here, the children have the opportunity choose their play and develop this independently while in the outer corridor, craft activities and painting are available on a daily basis.
 In particularly inclement weather, we also make use of the scout hall.  This is a large indoor space which gives us the opportunity to allow the children to be exuberant in their play, when the weather prevents this outside.  This large space allows the larger outdoor items such as a climbing frame or bikes to be used in an indoor setting.  The hall is also used to support various role play activities....recently during our “Space” theme, the scout hall was transformed, hosting a space shuttle, rocket, space gym and control centre!