Who We Are

EWB-USA History

EWB-USA was founded in 2002 by University of Colorado-Boulder Civil Engineering professor, Dr. Bernard Amadei in order to address some of the most prevalent challenges facing the developing world, including water purification and delivery, sanitation, transportation and infrastructure projects, and sustainable and renewable energy systems. What started as a backyard conversation with a landscaper from San Pablo, Belize resulted in a clean water system for the local community and sparked a global engineering movement that has directly impacted more than one million people to date.
The nonprofit started with 18 members and one university chapter. And today, EWB-USA is comprised of an expansive network of over 12,000 members and more than 225 university student and professional chapters engaged in over 400 active programs in 45 countries around the world.

Our History

In 2010 a couple of students began the arduous effort of starting an Engineers Without Borders chapter at the University of Memphis. Within a year the idea gained enough momentum among faculty and staff within the Herff College of Engineering to apply for an official chapter charter. A few months later,in the Spring 2011 semester, the chapter was officially recognized by EWB-USA. Within a couple of months of being chartered the chapter received its first project to assist the community of Yarvicoya design a potable water distribution system in Bolivia. Not even half a year later after receiving its first project the chapter is planning a trip to Bolivia to conduct an assessment of the current and potential potable water alternatives.