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As confusing as it generally is to see a random page created about something obscure, I figure I'll open up with a brief introduction.

Unlimited Nanie Works is a group of friends who work together on projects. Mostly, gaming projects. We have many ideas and we want to get them out there, hopefully eventually starting up a solid company which can float it's boat purely on residual income. -sigh- Yea, don't we all want that. But that aside, personally, it's my intention to make fun entertainment that caters to everyone, help my friends produce their dreams into reality, and eventually introduce my "Nanie's Zanie Adventure" role playing system; which as a gamer of many years I can only confirm it is nothing but revolutionary.

-nervous head scratch- As it stands though, the NZA system, as awesome and powerful as it is, is a bit of a pain for the one running the show and carries almost zero complexity to the players. This is unacceptable to me. I want to refine it into a smooth moving walking hulk of gamely destructive power before I release the thing.

If you would like to join the team, to talk with Nanie (that being I), or to inquire about how to get any of these things down by all means feel free to contact us!
Or hit us up on Facebook!

RP Unlimited Project will have information hosted here.
Project Suspended

Last Update: 1/13/2011; 7:50 PM PST