UNKNOWNjp / Tomonari Nozaki / 野﨑智成

Tokyo (Japan)

Play my music with your imagination freely.

Soun Records (Slovakia) - UNKNOWNjp

Tomonari Nozaki is a Japanese composer of minimal music, inspired by the rays of sun, falling down from the cloudy sky. His hometown is Tokyo, where he originally started as minimal techno DJ. However, ten years before, he began to use tape recorder. So his compositions got simple structures with special Lo-Fi sound that can be heard via SounRecords soon.


Forwind (UK) - Tomonari Nozaki

Tomonari Nozaki is an emerging producer from Tokyo. He originally operated in the minimal techno scene in Japan where his focus was very much on the abstract. He experimented further which led to his sound evolving into the more lush and compositional widescreen analogue soundscapes he now creates. Devastating and emotive are two words that come to mind.

Tomo's technique uses a mix of reel to reel tape edits, analogue synths and a whole host of old outboard. After listening it is obvious that Tomos current work wasn't produced on a computer. A perceptive ear as always with Forwind material is mandatory.

He has been previously released under his UNKNOWNjp alias on the Slovakian Label Soun Records. The next installment in his fast maturing sound will be heard when he makes his physical release debut on forwind in early 2013.

Tomonari Nozaki joined the Forwind roster in 2013 with his hugely well received debut album ‘North Palace’. The sublime esoteric compositions, brought to life using reel to reel tape edits, analogue synths and whole host of mysterious outboard brought ‘Tomo’ to a much wider audience, where he has gathered a very enthusiastic cult following.

2016 sees Tomonari return to the Forwind label with three sublime EP’s which were two years in the making. The process involving the artist and label was unhurried with a fastidious approach taken to the curation, selection and production. Attention to detail and the development of Tomonari’s sound took precedent over any notions of firing out a quick release. The addition of churning rhythmical elements and warm sheets of noise to Tomo’s usual widescreen lushness is sure to see more people sit up and take notice of this wonderfully distinctive producer from Japan.


invisible birds (US) - Tomonari Nozaki

currently resides in tokyo, japan

abstract sound projections & melodies using destruction techniques discovered with reel to reel tape-loop splicings and other analogue

romanticisms. mr. nozaki has beginnings in minimal techno and experimental music, and after a slight pause from music, has returned

in 2012 with some transcendental experimentations into the rarely visited places of "liminality" and "the sublime".

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