Bioprocess and Metabolic Engineering Laboratory

May 2018; L to R - Front row: Priscila, Fifa, Patricia, Dolores, Rosana, Pamela, Guta, Bruno, Alberto, Marcus, Allan, Francisco; L to R - Back row: José, Bernardo, Felipe, Fernando, Gleidson, Andreas, Luciano, Igor

Our research group is dedicated to the study of biological systems that are relevant for industrial applications. Examples include the production of biofuels, enzymes, food ingredients and other compounds of commercial interest (oils, organic acids, etc.). For this purpose, the group uses experimental, theoretical and computational approaches, in areas such as bioprocess engineering, metabolic engineering (including recombinant DNA technology), microbial physiology, bioinformatics and computational modelling and simulation.

Our team consists of post-doctoral researchers, doctoral and master's students as well as undergraduate students for whom scholarships are awarded from different funding agencies. Our research is performed in collaboration with several national and international groups.