Bills in Other States 2019-20



  • State Representative Pamela Hannley (LD-9) has a master's degree in public health and a strong health and medicine background. She worked on tobacco addiction at the University of Arizona School of Public Health. She voted against a telecom bill, and citizens have brought her current information on EMFs and 5G. She looked into this issue and posted this blog on her legislative website on 2/25/20, “Is 5G Risky Business?”:





  • State Representative Neil Abramson introduced House Resolution 145 "ENVIRONMENT: Requests the Department of Environmental Quality in conjunction with the Louisiana Department of Health to study the effects of evolving 5G technology". This was unanimously passed:

  • Click here for the Massachusetts EMF bills.

  • Representative David Dunn introduced House Joint Resolution No. 13: A joint resolution of the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of Montana urging Congress to amend the Federal Telecommunications Act to account for health effects of siting small cell network equipment in residential areas:

New Hampshire
It was voted out favorably by the House and the Senate, and has been signed by the Governor. A commission has been formed to address EMFs. 

Below is the audio recording from the Senate hearing on April 16, 2019: 

See Rep. Abrami's article in the local paper:

The following page tracks the Commission's investigation of wireless radiation impacts:

New York
  • Senate Bill 283 is an emergency law introduced by retired public health nurse Senator Laurie Monnes Anderson directing the Oregon Health Authority to review the independent microwave radiation science and make recommendations. The Department of Education is then to make recommendations to reduce students' exposures in schools:
  • Senate Bill 281 requires manufacturer of digital product to label product with information relating to health risks associated with use of product:

  • Senate Bill 282 requires Department of Education, in cooperation with Oregon Health Authority, to conduct study to determine and recommend appropriate health standards to govern student use of computers, mobile digital devices and other electronic media in classrooms:

Rhode Island
  • H.513 An act relating to broadband deployment throughout Vermont aims to ensure internet access to all residents:

  • Annette Smith presented an overview of the issues with 5G to the Senate Finance Committee on April 12, 2019. The Committee is investigating and has requested the testimony from NH 522: