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May Babcock
May Babcock received her BFA in Painting and Printmaking from the University of Connecticut and a MFA with a concentration in Printmaking from Louisiana State University. She has participated in exhibitions such as the ESTAMPA International Print Fair in Madrid, Spain with Honorable Mention and the Boston Printmakers 2011 North American Print Biennial juried by Jim Dine. Working from observational sketches of abandoned Louisiana sites and local plant fibers for papermaking, she makes prints, books and video that bring this latent landscape into view.

Katrina Andry
Katrina Andry received her Master of Fine Arts from Louisiana State University with a concentration in printmaking in 2010. She is currently living and working in New Orleans, LA, where she is also from. Katrina often works on a large scale which allows her prints to confront, conversate and sort of overwhelm you in a sense, making the viewer a little more self aware. Aside from being an artist, Katrina is also a graphic designer from 9-5 to pay rent and buy food during these trying times. Katrina also has no problem referring to herself in third person when she has to write...about herself.

Sarah Hayman


Jessie Hornbrook

Rebecca Kreisler

Hannah March Sanders
Hannah March Sanders was born and raised in middle Georgia. She received her BFA in Studio Arts from Tulane University in New Orleans in 2007 and her MFA from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge in 2011 with a concentration in Printmaking. This year she has participated in exhibitions such as Graafika üldnäitus in Pärnu, Estonia and The Boston Printmakers 2011 North American Print Biennial, juried by Jim Dine.

Blake Sanders
Blake Sanders earned his BFA from the University of Northern Iowa and an MFA from Tulane University. He has taught printmaking at Tulane University as well as print workshops at colleges and community-based art organizations in the Gulf region. Sanders has participated in over sixty exhibitions including Los Angeles Printmaking Society 20th National Exhibition, the 15th Space International Print Biennial in Seoul, South Korea, and Artists' Commentary at the International Print Center in New York. His work supports stewardship by illustrating a bond between people and the natural world. Humans, like all creatures, must content with romance and environmental catastrophes.

Megan Singleton
My work is rooted in the investigation of the ecological relationships within society and the landscape. Collecting, testing, and discovering the properties of plant fibers to be used in papermaking and sculpture is a catalyst for my studio practice. This selection of materials allows me to physically embed elements of regional specificity and meaning into my work. It is this physicality of the process that I am attracted to, discovering the alchemical nature of various plants and their ability to be manipulated and formed.