Toss the Turtle

Toss the Turtle unblocked is a super fun distance game and you can enjoy it online and for free on unblocked games 69. No animals were harmed in the production of this addictive game. In Toss the Turtle you will make use of all kinds of firearms to propel your half-shelled friend as far as possible. Aim the cannon, load up and fire away! Watch him hurtle through the air and into levetating bombs. Shoot at him while in mid-air to push him a little further.

Collect money with each toss, and upgrade your bombs, guns and equipment to keep the turtle flying. There are all kinds of explosive and dangerous objects hanging in the air and spread out on the ground, that will keep your turtle in the air. But watch out for spikes! Once you hit those, your bouncing flight is over. And it'll be quite the bloody mess, too! Enjoy the whacky cartoon styles and explosive energy of Toss the Turtle! Have fun!

Controls: Mouse = Aim cannon, WASD = Move flying turtle