The Last Stand: Union City

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The Last Stand: Union City unblocked is an adventure-survival game which is set during a Zombie Apocalypse and your main goal is to stay alive and not get eaten. In this game you have to make your way through your home town and survive the near endless onslaught of undead. Over time, and a lot of shot up skulls and other body parts, you will improve your skills.

Scavenge abandoned buildings for useful tools and become better at killing zombies. Find weapons to make you even more invincible. Accomplish tasks to gain experience points and unlock new areas. Find your spouse and escape the flesh-eating hordes before they come for you, too! Have fun with The Last Stand: Union City!

Controls: WASD = Move/Jump/Crouch, R = Reload, F = Flashlight, E = Activate, G = Give Weapon/Save Companion, Mouse = Aim and Shoot