Piano Tiles

Piano Tiles is a thrilling reaction game about rhythm and music. within it. Everyone is a fan of music and Piano Tiles will allow you to explore it! Sometimes, it's fun or happy. Sometimes, it's sad or regretful. The sadness and regret take a back priority when it comes down in keeping the beat playing. This is because that's the job you have to do to do in this game.

The black tile is tapped while they are through the screen. Each tile is an octave in the tune playing in the background. Tuning in can make it easier to win the game. To participate in the game, you need to tap each tile to tune with the tune. But don't lose focus. If you're unable to see one tile then you're out. It may not be a piano at all, however, this game for free is nonetheless a difficult one.

The simple pairing of tapping and songs is a very well-known game concept that it received a sudden and wide-spread appeal in the beginning of 2010. Guitar Hero and Rockband struck the right chord, and both became popularized specific songs and bands.

Train your hearing and your ability to keep time with songs of all kinds, both new and old. Can you master them in the first attempt or will you have to go through several unsuccessful attempts before you can achieve greatness? Make your fingers agile and work on your skills. Press the white tile and black tiles to the right point to hear the beat go running. If you miss a beat, you'll be a failure. Are you ready to take on Piano Tiles?

Controls: Maus