Color by number

Color By Number unblocked an incredible coloring game can be played online absolutely free on unblocked games 69. The time is now to get into the world of pixels! This is a fantastic game for children who love coloring pictures. What makes this game different in comparison to other games for coloring is the fact that you paint the pixels in a number, for instance that all pixels with one on them need to be painted in red while those with a 2 should be green and the list goes on. You can, of course, pick other colors and color the images however you like. There are objects, animals and many shapes to choose from.

The game of a lifetime has been available in an analog version but now you can play the game on your computer. The game was designed for kids, however adults may find it quite relaxing, therefore, give it a go even if you're are not among the small children any more. Simply pick one of the designs from the 23 pages and begin immediately. Enjoy playing Color By Number!

Controls include: Mouse