Bottle Flip

Bottle Flip unblocked is a straight-forward swiping game about flipping a bottle onto a platform. This free game lets you play out the amusing feats of the popular video meme. Simply flip a full bottle of water into the air and make it land perfectly without it falling over. There is a platform above you, where the bottle is supposed to go. With a simple tap and swipe, you can send the bottle flying. Don't be too slow, or the bottle won't move. But don't be too forceful either, or the bottle will be catapulted off the screen. You will have to adjust your speed and strength just right to make sure that the water bottle will land where it is supposed to. As you play, there are stars to collect. Those will help you improve your score and earn you bragging rights with your friends.

The bottle flip challenge gained a lot of popularity thanks to free video platforms like YouTube. What made this type bottle flipping so difficult was twofold. First you had to throw a full bottle into the air. It would have to spin around its own axis while in the air. Secondly, you had to do an additional feat to succeed in the challenge. The bottle would have to land on a table or ledge perfectly without bouncing off it again. This meant it had to end up the same way, as if you had carefully placed it there yourself. Part of the appeal of the bottle flip was to see how many upside-down flips you could pull off, while still having the water bottle land right side up. Thanks to video-sharing platforms on the internet, it was easy to share your achievements and amazing feats with bottle flip enthusiasts from all over the world.

With this bottle-flip game you get to enjoy the thrill of the flip in classic mode or power mode. Classic mode lets do the water bottle flip normally. After each successful attempt, the platform you landed the bottle on, will be replaced by a new one located somewhere else. This way, every flip demands your utmost attention. Power mode, on the other hand, is even more demanding. Here the platform does not wait for you to flip the bottle. Instead it will move to a new position every couple of seconds. You will need quick reflexes and a very delicate swiping finger to pull off the water bottle flip over and over again.

What starts out as a simple game of skillfully flipping a plastic water bottle in the air, quickly becomes a hilarious battle against your previous self. Bottle flipping isn't as easy as it looks after all. Your aim will have to be precise or your water bottle will careen off into spaces unknown, never to be seen or flipped again. Master the art of bottle flipping and grab a new high score in this addictive game based on the viral phenomenon, that people are losing their minds over.