Block City Wars

5..4..3..2..1.. Welcome to the contemporary arena where speedy cars, combative sniper teams and fun-loving bandits fight every day! Be alert as shooting is everywhere and there are no rules on the streets. Explore a myriad of interesting missions that focus on cops and gangsters mafia, bangs, and police. 

Be ahead of the other hunters looking for ammunition, weapons, and coins available. Fun and creative ways to enjoy action - that city may require a bit of destruction to make things interesting. 

We've designed everything for those who are fans of 3D battlegrounds that are tough including plasma guns, destroyers super rifles, variety of armor types, and a myriad of other fun thingsthat you need to explore! 

Complete impossible tasks set by mafia bosses. crucial goals are entirely dependent on your ability! Explore amazing vehicles, parkour and get away from the police. 

Heroes or bad guys Adventures are just waiting to be discovered. Get your pixel gun out and visit the Block City! 

Welcome to the third-person shooter Block City Wars: Block City Wars: 

13 awesome multiplayer games: Team Deathmatch, Free PVP Fight, Pixel Hunter, Tank Battles, Street Race and the Infection Zombie Mode. 

A huge metropolis with skyscrapers that are high in the air that allow you to do whatever you wish 

More than 50 methods of transportinclude motorbikes, sports cars, military helicopters, jet packs and other takns. 

More than 100 weapon systems more than 100 weapon systems Ak47, MINIGUN, Sniper RPG, rifle Katana and more! 

Daily winners lists. 

Over 150000 people are on the internet every day. 

A game chat allows players to connect with other. 

Different gangster jobs in Single Sandbox mode. 

Incredible pixel graphics and dynamic lighting.