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Agar.io Europe

Guys, If your school blocks Agar.io use the fix below to get it unblocked.


Go to http://translate.google.com. Type agar.io in the first text area on the left and click the link on the other text area on the right. The game will start unblocked because you will play it over Google Translate layer. 

Or an Alternative Method by using the same Translation Trick

a)      Begin by going to a free translation web site, such as Google’s translator, or freetranslation.com. Look for a link that says something along the lines of “web translator” or “web site translator.” (In case of Google look in the bottom of the page)

b)      Select the language you want to “translate”. You should select that you are translating from a foreign language into English. English words on the website will remain in English.

c)       Type in the URL of the web site that has been blocked by your school and click the translate button.

d)      You will arrive on a page that has the translation tools in a frame on the top of the page, with the blocked site appearing in the frame below it.

Click Here To Play Agar.io On Server 1

If this version is blocked at your school, click http://translate.google.com/ and type in agar.io in the translation box. 

If the game doesn't load after 10 seconds, refresh the page and it should load.