1.How To Enable Adobe Flash Player

How To Make Flash Really, Actually, Truly Work In Chrome

As Chrome begins deprecating Flash, it is up to users to re-enable Flash. Here are three easy steps to make sure you're really enabling Flash!

 1) In Chrome 56 or less go to chrome://plugins and check "Always allowed to run" for Adobe Flash Player.

 In Chrome 57 or higher go to chrome://settings/content , scroll down til the flash area and select always allowed to run

2) Go to Menu (3 dots) -> Settings -> Show advanced settings -> Privacy -> Content Settings -> Flash -> Manage Exceptions and add the https://sites.google.com/site/unblockedgames66/ URL and select "Allow" under Behaviour.

3) Finally, go to chrome://flags and enable "Run all Flash content when Flash setting is set to "allow"" and then restart Chrome.