Cave Legacy

Here are some tips to get gold:
* Upgrade the Inn to have at least 3 or 4 gladiators early in the game, and maybe 7-8 later on.
* Some skills improve how much money a gladiator earns with each fight: these should be a priority for most of your heroes.
* Use the altar: you can sacrifice gladiators for a lot of money if their glory is not too low. Especially if they have learnt valuable skills like merchandizing, noble or prince. Training a gladiator with the aim of selling him later is a worthy investment.
* Don't explode your fees: when upgrading buildings or gear, make sure to put enough points into durability

Concerning the monster attack, the best way to deal with it is to postpone it:
* Use the altar to sacrifice gladiators for time. Training a gladiator with this purpose can be a good idea (with a high health, and some points into the specific skills such as Gluttony, Arts of the Table or Super Barbecue)
* Keep in mind that the more gladiators you sacrifice, the less time you gain for each sacrifice. Same goes for salads, eggs and chicken, which are not really interesting unless you chase specific achievements.