Update 13/3/2020
Hey guys, i'm sorry for the lack of updates to the website but i've been really busy with school and other stuff. From now on i will only add games that you request at my email address below.

All those using the latest version Of Chrome Browser Version 69 + whilst a game is loading you will see a notification saying " Click To Enable Flash Player"  right click to run flash player and accept the popup window in the top left to enable flash player!! You need to do this only once Per Day.

Important Flash Update Information @ 14/02/2020 Please Read!!
In december 2020 google chrome and most other browsers will cease to run flash games. If you wish to keep playing games after that date you will need the player. Click the link below to fix the issue.

Want a game, or games adding to this website?
Email me here paul.bailey8@gmail.com
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Vex is back in an all new adventure in VEX 4

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Fortnite Online Money Trick

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Unblocked Games 66 is a site with a maximum number of high quality and very enjoyable free online unblocked games. The site is in the good books of schools and parents alike because it omits objectionable elements which is a common and a worrying factor in free online games. The games on this site are unblocked and can be played anywhere and anytime. The reason for the rapidly growing popularity of this site is the inclusion of good quality games, and the ability to fulfil all Unblocked Games requests. It already has over 4000 unblocked games and the list will keep growing. However, we believe in quality more than we believe in quantity and that is why the list of games on the site may not sky rocket in a short space of time. We will never add games that have objectionable elements or are of poor quality.  

Now, in spite of all kinds of restrictions and our strict quality policy, we have succeeded in collecting enough games to cover most of the popular categories. So, the site will always have something interesting to offer to all our visitors. Besides the main collection of free online unblocked games, the site has a good collection of Hacked Games and Hidden Objects Games. All the games on the site have apt descriptions to help players know about the games before choosing to play the games of their preference..

We at Unblocked Games 66 always believe that we can improve and so your suggestions will always be viewed with seriousness. It should not be a surprise to see new features included and introduced every now and then. However, we cannot go the distance without your help. So, we request you to talk about this awesome portal with people that you meet. You can start with your friends and relatives. Help us get to the position where you want to see us.  Games That Aren't Blocked

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