Unzip the files below in the same folder:

All the units must be on International System of Units (SI) .
Keyboard Options:

[Esc] - exit
[r] - restore initial object shape
[<] or [>] or [,] or [.] - rotate object in real space


[arrows] - rotate object
[s] and [S] - change the object size
[p] and [P] - change the object z position
[F1] - normal
[F2] - wire frame
[F3] - fibers connecting a vertex (green) and the vertex force (yellow). Pressing again change vertex
[F4] - all vector vertex area (white)
[F5] - vector face area (blue) and vector vertex area (white). Pressing again change vertex
[F6] - neighbor vertices (green), surface tension (yellow) and vertex area (white)
[F7] - all the existing fibers
[F8] - all the fibers turned off

DOS window

[b] - choose border conditions
[y] - choose new Young Modulus


[i] - change gravity variation for each iteraction in m/s2 and the number of iteraction in each step
(for example: if gravity variation = 2 and number of interaction = 3 the variation of gravity is 6 m/s2)
[g] and [G] - apply or remove one gravity step with CONSTANT matrix
[a] and [A] - apply or remove one gravity step with VARIABLE matrix


[=] - compression by a pair of paddles (VARIABLE matrix)
[ or ] - compression by a one paddle (VARIABLE matrix)

Move the probe

[Home] and [End] - horizontal (VARIABLE matrix)
[PgUp] and [PgDn] - vertical (VARIABLE matrix)
[m] and [M] - position (CONSTANT matrix)
[j] and [h] - horizontal (CONSTANT matrix)
[u] and [n] - vertical (CONSTANT matrix)


[l] - stress strain linear/non-linear (VARIABLE matrix)
[f] - area of vector B variable/constant (CONSTANT matrix)
[c] - fibers connections that pass out of the object are turned off/on (VARIABLE matrix)