Who are we?

The Green Society is a student-led, environmentalist organization that operates on the Saint John campus of the University of New Brunswick.  We are kind of like UNB Saint John's environmental conscience - we organize outdoor activities, run a recycling program, maintain the Tucker Park walking trails, sit on various administrative committees, and promote awareness of environmental problems and solutions. 

Our Mission:

To reduce UNBSJ's ecological footprint by diverting waste from the landfill,

to increase UNBSJ's energy efficiency,

to generate public awareness of environmental problems and the solutions to them,

to facilitate student engagement in environmental initiatives, and

to support sustainable and accessible education for all. 

Our Vision:

We envision a campus where all waste products can be recycled, composted, or otherwise diverted from the Regional Landfill with ease and at low cost.  We envision a campus where wasteful energy use is a thing of the past – where UNBSJ is a leader for efficiency among Saint John institutions, and a model that others look to for technological solutions.  We envision a campus where all students and staff are aware of and concerned about the state of the environment, but proud of what we have accomplished as a campus community and hopeful that others will follow our example.  We envision a campus where students can attend school without worrying about whether they should purchase healthy food or textbooks – where they have access to both. 

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