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“This uruguayan musicians manage a repertory that not only spreads the latinoamerican music, but also requires a serious academic treatment in the approach to the popular languages”. 
 Sergio Fernández Cabrera

With the objective of spreading the Uruguayan and Latin American music, the duo deals with elements that link the "serious" guitar with the "popular" guitar played with rigorous camera treatment preserving and highlighting the characteristic rhythmic and twists of popular music.

The “Umbral” guitar duo, composed by Ignacio Correa and Sebastian Segarra emerged in 2006 in the context of chamber music courses they did with the guitarist and composer Sergio Fernández Cabrera.

The versatility of this duo allows them to move in different musical aesthetics. So this is the only one Uruguayan guitar group. That has been invited to festivals of Jazz, serious and popular music.

They have participated in chamber music cycles of SODRE, and were selected to join the third edition of museums in the night. They are summoned to play in the framework of the celebrations of the 70th anniversary of Uruguay Guitar Center. In 2010 are invited to give a series of concerts in Germany and France, stressing the presentation at the International Festival of Vendome (France) presented as representatives of the Uruguayan guitar culture.

The intense work over these years has enabled them to receive several awards in his country. They are supported by the FONAM (national background music) on two occasions to continue his studies in chamber music.They received the Competitive Fund award (2008 edition) issued by the ministry of education and culture, allowing them to go on tour all around Uruguay performing in theaters, halls, schools and conservatories. They were re-elected again in the 2010 and won an intensive development along the Belgian guitarist and composer Boris Gaquere to be held in Brussels in 2011.

His first album “New guitar music from Uruguay” has recently been published by the prestigious ducht label Saphrane Records in 2010.