is indeed a gateway to explore best of the McAfee activate products. Users with active McAfee my account profile hold the ease to check product and subscription details. Besides the option to get Mcafee internet security, download free, you can get advanced security features if you select a paid version.

Get McAfee retailcard activation code or subscription

If you purchase a McAfee retail card of any product, you get the activation code and a link to locate it. To redeem McAfee retail card activation code, open the card and you will find a McAfee activate 25-digit code.

However, McAfee retail card users will need to create an account to complete the process. You can only download a licensed version if you have an active McAfee my account profile.

On the other hand, to buy McAfee activate subscription via, you do not have to visit a retail store. Instead, you can get it online. Below are the steps to buy online McAfee activate license key.

How do I buy a McAfee activate plan from

1. From the main page of, click McAfee icon

2. Click My Account from the top menu bar

3. Click Sign in

4. If you have an existing account, go for McAfee my account login, else, click Register button

· Complete the details and create your profile

5. Go to the product section

6. Select a plan and package

7. Click Buy Now

8. Select your counter/ region

9. Select a payment method

10.Enter the details

11. Click Place my order

12. Complete the verification process

As you complete the steps, you will receive McAfee activate product key on your registered email address. Redeem the key and proceed to download and install McAfee activate on Windows 10 operating system.

How do I download & install McAfee activate on Windows 10?

1.Go to

2.Enter your McAfee activate 25 digit code in the respective field

3.Click submit

· On the next page, you will have the option to Download your software

4.Click download

5.Go to the downloads folder and open McAfee package folder

6.Run install McAfee activate

7.Follow the on-display orders

Restart your computer and turn on McAfee firewall security option if available. Enabling this feature will help you defense device’s data and activities.

Not following the correct manual instructions will apparently cause McAfee errors.

Common McAfee activate issues:

  • Cannot register for McAfee my account form
  • McAfee code 0 windows 10
  • Windows 10 McAfee update failure
  • Unable to update McAfee
  • McAfee LiveSafe firewall issues
  • Incorrect McAfee activate 25 digit code

In order to eliminate such errors, keep your McAfee account active. In addition, timely update Windows 10, else it may cause installation errors.

The best is to connect with a professionals support provider instead of trying to fix the errors without instructions. A certified expert will help you get rid of McAfee activate error in shortest time.

  1. Visit McAfee Activate official website or in any browser.
  2. Enter your 25 digits McAfee Activation Product Key.
  3. Log in to your McAfee account with credentials.
  4. Click Submit and Choose “Country and language”.
  5. Once Logged in, Download your Setup in download folder.
  6. Run application to install, You’re all set to go!

Why Choose McAfee?

McAfee is one of the best security tools for any of your devices. This is not just a regular tool that removes small viruses and reports bugs. But this is one whole full security provision for your Device. Not only Mac or Windows but it works with other tablets and even mobile phones too. With security being the main focus of the McAfee security systems, it also saves you from potential threats and warns you, To protect your device with mcafee visit

McAfee Activation By Your Retail Card

Activation of Security Retail card just follow the website or & then it will ask you to enter the 25 characters long McAfee Activation Key Code. Once you have entered the correct McAfee code & other details correctly on activation screen then you can start the download and installation of your Antivirus Security Online.

Download and Install McAfee

Go to McAfee website from any browser.

• Sign in with your Email address and Password.

• Choose what to install then Click Download or Send link.

• Double Click on the Downloaded file to begin installation.

• Tap on Install button, and accept the agreement.

• Restart your Device and you’re good to go!

How to use Pre-Install Tool?

  1. Download the Pre-Install tool.
  2. Then Double-click on the Pre-Install_Tool.exe file, and follow what is asked.
  3. Carefully go through warning message, and then click OK to agree to the changes.
  4. Once the Preinstall Tool completes, Click OK > CLOSE.
  5. Then Restart your computer and try to Re-Install your product once again.

Create and Activate your McAfee Software

  1. Open Your Subscription on your McAfee software.
  2. Once you click on the Edit Profile option, you will be taken to the official McAfee website.
  3. On the website first, enter your Email Address and click NEXT.
  4. Now, choose a Strong Password which should include at least eight lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers, and symbols in it and again click NEXT.
  5. Congo! Your McAfee Account has been Created & Activated successfully.

How to Renew your McAfee Subscription?

  1. Open and login to your McAfee Account
  2. Choose My Account on the top of your My Account page, then click
  3. Now, click on All expired to first check your all expired subscriptions. Also, you can click on View active to get the details of your unexpired subscription.
  4. On different options, choose the subscription that you want to renew and click on Renew.
  5. Fill your Billing details and other prompt, if asked.
  6. After a successful payment, your renewal process is completed.

How do I change my McAfee account password?

  1. Type on the search bar and Log-In to your McAfee account.
  2. On top of your My Account page, tap to My Account and then click My Profile ( MY ACCOUNT > MY PROFILE).
  3. On the top of the Account Information section, click on Update.
  4. Now, Enter your new & strong password, and then click on to the Save

How do I activate my McAfee product key?

  • Follow the link given on to your retail card.
  • Select – country > language > device type
  • Login to your McAfee account using your email details, enter the product key on email and offline buyers can check at back of the retail card.
  • Click submit.
  • Your subscription is now activated.

How to Redeem/Activate McAfee RetailCard?

Read instruction written on Mcafee retail card before to redeem/activate the McAfee security.

Visit activation link. i.e.

Fill your 25 digit activation code for McAfee activate. (Look for it on the card you purchased)

Click On 'Submitt' button and follow the upcoming instruction.

A McAfee CD or DVD is good in cases where internet connections are slow and downloading your product can be problematic. They are also good if you want to re-install your product quickly for some reason – as they have all the required files in one place. Yet, a DVD does not offer you the benefit of updating its programs and content on its own.

Steps to Install McAfee products

Go to your McAfee Antivirus software and Open it. (It will prompt a new window on your screen which will ask you to enter the Mcafee activate product key of your package.)

Enter the 25 digits alpha-numeric product key that was mailed to you by McAfee team after purchasing the product and click on activate. dell (A pop-up alert will inform you about the activation of your McAfee product)

You can now restart your system to complete the activation process hp. (Your activation will be successful.)

Few tips on how to activate McAfee.

Support to redeem the retail card for other McAfee Security products:

McAfee MLS (McAfee Live Safe), visit

McAfee MAV (McAfee Antivirus Plus), visit

McAfee MTP (McAfee Total Protection), visit

McAfee MIS (McAfee Internet Security), visit

To Activate McAfee, visit

Activate McAfee Antivirus @ Dell Laptop, visit

Register McAfee Antivirus @ Lenovo Laptop, visit

Here, you will have to enter all the required details. Create a new account or log in to your existing McAfee account. Choose the antivirus product whose retail card you want to redeem, and click on it to download it.

McAfee Activation Key Not Working?

If you have a McAfee product code and if it is not working for you then might be you are not reading it correctly or not on the correct redeem page.

Its not actually very hard to open the Redeem webpage but because of the browser add-ons, popup ads & security conflicts not allowing you to put the subscription key on original website.

If you are sure that the Activation code you have is correct and it still is not working for you then we are here to help you to activate and install your Antivirus Security online.

Or, You can contact McAfee Customer Service also.

McAfee subscription expired

You need a valid McAfee subscription to be able to use your product. You can check whether the subscription period of all the McAfee products you have bought through your McAfee account.

At the top of the ‘My Account’ page, click on ‘My Account’ and then, on ‘Subscriptions’. Choose ‘All Expired’ to see which of your security products have expired, and ‘View Active’ to see which ones are still valid.

If the subscription of your McAfee security has expired, you need to ‘Renew’ it and to activate it.

Our McAfee installation experts can also help you via live chat to diagnose and troubleshoot the installation issues, and remove any conflicting security software.

How to renew McAfee Product?

The users, who have a subscription for the McAfee products, can update and upgrade their subscription plan. Therefore, for all users, we have here mentioned the steps to renew MacAfee products.


After this, take the cursor to the “My Account” option.

Then click on the “sign-in” option.

Now enter the mandatory credentials to renew the McAfee product.

Once the user gets to the McAfee login account, then take the cursor on the “My Account” button.

From there, click on the “subscriptions” option.

After this, click on renew for the certain service.

Now once the renewal procedure gets completed, then a confirmation of the purchase will appear on the screen.

Moreover, the user can access their purchase history from the subscription page again.

So, by applying all the entire procedure, the user can renew the McAfee subscription plan. Make sure that the users having an account can renew their subscription plan.

McAfee Product Key

McAfee product key is a unique 25 character alpha-numeric encryption code used to set up McAfee antivirus. Therefore, through the product key, the user can activate the follow McAfee products mentioned below.

Mcafee LiveSafe ( To Activate Visit Here – )

Mcafee Total Protection – ( To Activate Visit Here – )

Mcafee Internet Security ( To Activate Visit Here – )

Mcafee Antivirus Plus ( To Activate Visit Here – )

How to activate McAfee Product Key?

When any user purchases the McAfee antivirus product, then they get the McAfee Product key along with the product. So, to take benefits of the advanced features of McAfee, users should activate their McAfee product key. Therefore, below we have described the steps to activate the product key.

Open the link, i.e. that is provided on the retail card.

After this, from there, select the country>language>device type.

Then access the Mcafee Login account with the Mcafee account credentials.

After this, enter the McAfee product key.

Note: The offline buyers can check for the McAfee product key at the back of the retail card.

After entering the product key, proceed further with the downloading and installation procedure.

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