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Briefing Notes 
I have added the notes that Carol Haines uses when she briefs at University events. If you would like to see these Click Here. If you have any suggestions for items that could be added then Contact Us. Adapt as necessary.

Drawing Programme
Thanks to Chris Lindsay for suggesting the  Boat Scenario programme for drawing up boat situations. Unlike TSS (the usual program) this one is free and seems to do a reasonable job. It can be downloaded at:-

Umpire CPD Days
UKTRA hosted a Continuing Professional Development day at the Royal Thames on October 1st 2016. For those interested the notes on the proceedings can be seen if you Click Here
The RYA have taken up the challenge and in January 2019 held their first CPD day at World Sailing HQ. We will include links to their reports when they are published. In the meantime some feedback from Steve Watson.
    At the recent Umpire CPD day, participants were asked to propose a “useful tip”. One such tip was an excuse to visit the sporting shop “Decathlon “, not that I need such an excuse as the north west Birmingham branch is very convenient and tragically close to IKEA.
    Identifying fellow umpires on the water can be tricky, especially when event resources are limited. Keen umpires sometimes have their own RIB! I tend to take along various flags to assist in the events race management, AP, X, visible battens etc. So a clever way of having an umpire boat flag and staff appealed. The tip was that the sporting goods shop had carbon, extendable, rods up to 3m. Not expensive either. Sure enough, they were to be found in the fishing section. Three tapering tubes telescoping within the outer one. Not being a fisherman I don’t what they are actually supposed to be used for. They’re not strong enough to stab the fish and there is no hook or line! £9 for three, I would launch them on the Uni world at Draycote. Flags were hastily prepared from my old spinnakers and I was ready to impress.
    Attaching them to the hoop of the Draycote Ribs (nice) they looked the part and I could see my fellow umpire team members  a long way off, distinguished from the other Ribs providing further services.
    Racing commenced and it soon became obvious that my recycled spinnakers, a red one and a black/white one were in conflict with the usual umpire flags and a certain amount of confusion ensued. Doh!
    I managed to break mine 4 times in the first hour, it rapidly getting shorter and eventually only useful to stir the tea.
    A second umpire boat valiantly continued aided with reinforcing duck tape but there will not be a second outing for the pole.
    The third one, red, survived, but will probably be remembered for the cruel umpire who inflicted so many penalties!
    Whilst we all agreed that the principal was good and helped us umpire effectively, I would recommend, as an alternative, plastic pipe and maybe a wooden dowl insert. Bill Wyatt shared his own industrial strength version with us, complete with canvas carry bag. 
    Carbon. Clearly over rated. I am going to replace my Merlin mast with a four inch plastic soil pipe.

Thoughts from the Magnum
Controversy continues to reign as to whether the second umpire boat helping out at the beginning of a a match should "wing" or "pin" "Pin" implies a position relative to the line whereas "wing" emphasises being relative to the action. A further refinement I felt was to use "left" and "right" as this emphasises the independence of position and the need to cover whatever action comes your way. We were using a single umpire per race technique - with assistance as available. 
    The Chief Umpire was also convinced of the merit of the race owner taking the "left" and the helper having the "right". The helper often being late coming back from their race it is easier for them to pick up a position on the right rather than having to cross the fleet in order to get into position and the race owner would often find it easier to get to mark 1 going left.
    We also had a floating Umpire boat that would pick up the race when he could - often at mark 1 - and in order to avoid confusion it was agreed that he would generally cover the back of the fleet from here, as the umpire on the race would generally be with the front set of any boats in contention and changing over was not a good idea. Of course on the run they had to take the action that came their way, so things could change by Mark 3.  

Recommendations for Umpire Flags 2013

Appendix D for Team Racing in the RRS 2013 makes two changes to the colours of flags displayed by umpires.  Team racing umpires should use these new colours after 1 January 2013.  While the colours are mandatory the colour division is not; nevertheless umpires should try and comply with these recommendations and avoid the same pattern or combination of shapes on the two flags. A black skull-and-crossbones on a white background could also be considered appropriate for the black flag.

Becoming a Team Racing Umpire
The full requirements to become an RYA Umpire can be found on the RYA Website. You should be an experienced sailor and will need to attend a seminar and log a number of events before you can become fully qualified. UKTRA will put anyone on their list so that you can have a chance to gain experience before or after doing the seminar and assessment. Organisers should bear this in mind when accepting offers from people willing to umpire..

There are separate Seminars for Team Racing and Match Racing and these are organised by the RYA, typically one Seminar in each discipline each year. There are also bursaries available for young peple wishing to become Umpires. Course instructors are approved by the RYA Judging and Umpiring Committee. At the end of the Seminar, there is a 50 question multi-choice exam with 70% pass mark. A pass in this exam gives the candidate the exam pass requirement for the National Umpire qualification.  There is no exam requirement for Regional Umpire.

We are not aware of any Planned Umpire courses.

Keeping Your Hands Warm
Cold hands are one of the problems when Umpiring Team Racing in the Winter. Various people have different solutions
Ewan McEwan says:-
Henri-Lloyd Gortex Helmsman ...... just rinse them in fresh water after use ....... brilliant!
Roger Wilson thinks:-
Rohan Waterproof gloves  - but they are not cheap.
James Blacksell comments:-
I have polar fleece gloves, and then Gore-Tex Henri-Lloyd ocean racer mittens (which I don’t think they do anymore) on top. But I reckon a decent pair of Snow board mittens would do just as well, problem is they lose there waterproofness eventually.
Tom Clay says:-
My solution is Showa 481 PVC gloves. These are waterproof, fleece lined, & v warm with a pair of silk gloves underneath & are not expensive. Purchased from: Baconsdozen Lowestoft via Amazon
Bruce has seen an umpire with warm hands who says “My gloves are SealSkinz.  There is a whole range of them on  I wear them with the merino lining when it is cold“
They were also recommended by the chief insructor at Pembroke Activity Centre but I never got around to putting the information up - NV. They must be good as they have received the following endorsement from John Doerr:-
You should try their socks too. I now take them when flying instead of boots to keep the weight down. Thermal socks inside a pair of SealSkinz work brilliantly. 
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