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The UKTRA Standard Sailing Instructions are designed so that they can be printed out easily. For most dinghy events you will need to have the Notice of Race and first 6 pages of the standard SI's printed out and posted for competitors to see. 
Don't forget to modify Addendum B - but this can be done with a pen after printing!
Please respect this format and do not fiddle with them (other than to add your event name and date).

To view the current UKTRA Standard SI's
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The Latest version is October 2014

The single flag protest procedure is now the default situation as changed by ISAF for appendix D in 2013.  The effect is described below and is, arguably, what actually happens now. 

If there is a valid protest from any boat involved in an incident,
(1)  if no boat takes a penalty, the umpire will penalise the boat that broke a rule.
(2)  if either boat takes a penalty, the umpire will take no action.
(3)  if both boats broke a rule, typically rules 11 and 17 in a luffing incident, the umpire will penalise any boat that broke a rule and failed to take a penalty.

The two flag system is still available but must be invoked by the Sailing Instructions.

To download the current UKTRA Standard SI's Click Here or would you prefer that we reproduce them here so that you can cut nd paste them?