Beastly Weather

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Once again the weather has taken its toll on our sailing. 

The RYA Team Racing Championships were abandoned on Sunday morning due to snow galling overnight. Stage 1 of the competition was completed (60 Races) and 36 Races from Stage 2 on the Saturday. Stage 2 being biased towards the Gold league it was possible to obtain a result. The winners are West Kirby Hawks who were undefeated and had sailed 5 matches in Stage 2. A prize giving was not possible but alternative arrangements are being discussed. A huge thank you to all of the Spinnaker Sailing Club members who assisted in some terrible weather and to Ed Morris in particular who spent three days getting everything in shape. 

There was an attempt at "Crowd Seeding" to find out the best teams if you want to see more Click Here. To see photos Click Here Results can be seen on K-Sail

I am also told that the Scottish Team Racing Championships were abandoned. The London Duck has changed its date to 16/17 June. Winter Match Racing 3 was cancelled on Thursday given the strong winds forecast. 

The Weekend After

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Life returned to normal after the "Beast from The East" caused all Team Racing to be cancelled. BUSA sorted out the problems caused by the loss of the Playoffs and  Exeter, Manchester and the Irish, all had successful events. 

The Exeter Excalibur saw some interesting racing, as squally conditions forced cutdowns for some of Saturday and all of Sunday. Despite this 147 races were completed using the HLS system.

Best of three semis saw first placed Cardiff take on fourth placed Southampton Blue while second placed Exeter Alumni were pitted against NWA. While Exeter Alimni made quick work of NWA going through 2:0 Cardiff were less fortunate requiring a decider and then having a mark trap at Mark 3 go bad on them, setting up a final between Exeter Alumni and NWA.

The final and peti finals were something of an anti-climax, both being settled in two races and both as a result of relatively secure 1,2's being established early in the races. The final result was Winners, The Exeter Alumni team of Scott Wallis, Carys Randeria/Nellie Gannon, Tarra Gill-Taylor, Annabelle Orme, Laurence Carter and Lily Carter, second Southampton Blue, third NWA and fourth Cardiff Black.

Full results are available at  Photos are Here For Official Report Click Here

The Big Lash, Manchester's event sailed at West Kirby was also happening and Jenny and Torrin report that they had an absolutely smashing weekend but are knackered now! Thanks to them for the following lowdown:-

Saturday morning dawned bright and breezy at WKSC for the 21 teams entered for the Big Lash. At the halfway point, there were 4 teams on 100% wins: Manc Old Boys, Edinburgh Import, Newcastle White & Newcastle Red.

As the periods of gusty weather increased, a decision was made to change to cut down sails involving a momentous effort from both teams and helpers in order to sort out the 24 boats. Racing continued until late afternoon, finishing the round robin after 92 races, with each team having sailed 8 or 9 races. At the top of the leaderboard was Newcastle Red on 8 from 8, and Marx Trap, Edinburgh Import, Newcastle White and London White all on 7 from 8.

Sunday brought light, shifty winds to West Kirby Marine Lake, with a bit of sunshine breaking through the clouds. Racing in 3 leagues of 7 teams started shortly after 9:30. Multiple course changes due to large wind shifts were handled with supreme efficiency by the course manager and umpire team.

After 63 races to complete the leagues, we moved into semis with Edinburgh Import (winners of Gold league) vs London Purple (the Silver Surfer) and Newcastle Red vs London White.

Edinburgh Import won 2 from 2 with a 1-2-5 and a 2-3-4. The second semi went to a deciding race with London White finally clinching victory with a 1-2-6, 3-4-5, and 1-2-3.

A closely fought final between Edinburgh Import and London White ensued, with Edinburgh managing to convert marginal combinations into a strong 1-3-4 and 1-2-6 to take the final with a race to spare.

To read the Official report Click Here

With BUSA Team Racing Playoffs being abandoned my understanding is that they have decided to take two more teams from each of the Qualifiers and a second Irish Team. This will mean a slight increase in the number of teams participating, although it may not, if teams don't get their act together and enter by Thursday's deadline.

There was a Team Racing event in Ireland as well, and it finished in time for the prizegiving on Saturday Night. It was The Irish University Sailing Association (IUSA) Intervarsity Team Racing Championships held at Kilrush Marina on the Shannon Estuary in County Clare.

The round robin series consisting of one hundred and thirty seven races followed by twenty eight quarter final races were all completed on the first two days. On the final day's racing twenty three races were run to complete the semi finals and finals. Twenty eight teams representing eight Irish universities, two Scottish universities and one hundred and sixty eight competitors in total took part. Conditions on the final day were excellent for racing with a light to moderate westerly breeze.

Overall winners lifting the IUSA Plate were University College Cork 1. NUIG Galway, co-hosting with UCC for the first time reached the semi-finals in their fleet. Universities represented were National University of Ireland Galway (NUIG), University College Cork (UCC), University of Limerick (UL), Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT), University College Dublin (UCD), Dublin City University (DCU), Trinity College Dublin (TCU), Queens University Belfast (QUB), Stratclyde University (SU), Scottish Student Sailing (SSS).

Coach Wanted

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Latest News - BUSA Playoffs & The Cam Cup this weekend are cancelled due to the Snow

MCS in Oxford is looking for a Sailing Pro to start in September Applications close Friday March 2nd (its been extended). The role includes delivering coaching to a range of ages and abilities, ideally in various formats. Follow the link below for more information:

News of the Womens Team Racing last weekend is that last years results were reversed and Oxford beat Royal Northern & Clyde to take the Trophy. Photos can be seen if you Click Here For the official report Click Here
  Gold Silver; Bronze
1st Oxford Blue      Sevenoaks College     Trinity College Dublin    
2nd RN&CYC Loughborough Glasgow Manchego
3rd BUSA SSS Strath Diamonds
4 Exeter Cardiff Strath Sapphires
5 Cambridge Big Booty Bitches Sparkle Squad
6 Edinbugh Oxford Crimson  
Winter Match Racing 2 was defeated by the weather on the second day but had completed the round robin on the Saturday so those results stood with Matt Whitfield and team finishing in first place,second was James Pinder and third Murray Hampshire.
Photos and more details on the RYA Match Racing Facebook Page

Beast from the East is threatening the Playoffs. They are cancelled. More news on BUSA Facebook and website.

Northern News

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The weather appears to have been OK and the BUSA/BUCS Norther Qualifier has been completed, using the reserve date. Manchester Purple topped the table with 11 wins from the 12 races sailed. The second tier, all on 9 wins were Durham Purple, Durham Black and Leeds Green.

Results of the event can be seen Here. The results of all the Qualifiers can be seen if you Click Here. Teams have now been invited either to the finals to be sailed in Glasgow in April or to the Playoffs, which will take place in early March in Birmingham.

The Imperial Icicle was also sailed at the Welsh Harp, from Wembley Sailing Club. Congratulations are due to NWA (the New Wessex Alumni)  who emerged as winners by virtue of being at the top of the Gold League, second were Edinburgh Blue  and third Oxford Blue. Plymouth Blue won the silver league and Exeter Red the Bronze league. The full results can be seen if you Click Here.

Another Cold One

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The Cambridge Team of Cat Wallace, George Hopes, Juliette Welham, Henry Morley, Jemima Lawson  and Robbie King won the Oxford University Top Gun this weekend. After a hard fought number of rounds these were clearly the top two teams, as racing was halted due to strong winds. 

Once the hailstorm had passed, there was a brief window in which it was possible to sail a best of three final. Southampton took the first of these 1, 3, 6. In the second race Cambridge were 1, 3, 6 at the first mark, by mark three they had converted to 1, 2 6 and that was the order of finish, setting up a deciding third race in an increasing wind. 

Unfortunately, a Southampton boat got a penalty on the start line of the deciding race and Cambridge were able to round the first mark 1, 2, 5.a position they were able to maintain to the finish. To see photos of the event Click Here

Meanwhile up North the Nottingham Snakebite had a strong entry of 24 teams. Stage 1 HLS of 96 races produced four leagues. A further 60 races completed the leagues, setting up semi finals of Warwick Black (winners of the gold league as holders of the tie break with Birmingham White) against the winners of the silver league Warwick White. The second Semi was gold league 2 v 3 - Birmingham White against Tonbridge Black.
Both Semis went 2:0 to set up a Final between Warwick Black and Birmingham White and while the peti-final was Warwick White v Tonbridge Black. The final was black and white with a 2:0 win for Warwick Black, putting Birmingham second. Third place went to Tonbridge Black by virtue of a 2:1 win over Warwick White.

BUCS/BUSA Qualifiers

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This coming weekend saw most of the Qualifiers for the BUCS/BUSA Team Racing Championships sailed.

The Saturday was very light, but most venues got a better wind on the Sunday. Unfortunately, the wind did not appear at all at Derwent Reservoir and the Northern Qualifier will be using the reserve weekend. Invites to the finals and playoffs are due soon and we will try and post them when they become available.

The Western Qualifier at Chew managed 133 races and a resail. There were a few capsizes in the middle of Sunday as the breeze picked up and a few teams missed some races by not being ready to get in their boats, as the race officer pushed for as many races as possible before the sun set. Full results can be seen if you Click Here

The South Central Qualifier at Spinnaker achieved the most races with all teams getting 16 races, a total of 160 races sailed. For their results Click Here

The Midland Qualifiers at Grafham managed a mere 80 races (10 per team) for their results Click Here.

Scotland run their own Qualification System, This was their third event, the second looks like it may have been blown off and this weekend looks to have suffered from a lack of wind. (The only notice on their facebook page is about a three hour postponement due to lack of wind on Saturday, and they are perilously close to Derwent)

They were sailed using the new supplement to the Team Racing Call book which is not yet on the World Sailing Website so we have TEMPORARILY made it available if you Click Here. This link will cease to work once the Supplement is posted by World Sailing.

The RYA/UKTRA Team Racing Championships at Spinnaker on March 17/18 are now fully subscribed and there is a waiting list.

Slightly Better

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Yes, the weather was slightly better this weekend. It only rained half the time and the temperature was higher. There was plenty of wind and most people seemed to be on cut-downs or reefed.

The Warwick Turtle at Draycote was won by Magdalen College School, 10 years after they first entered it and won it the first time says their teacher, James Unwin. Some 57 races were sailed on the Saturday and things appeared pretty tight with Swansea Black, Exeter Red, Imperial Blue Oxford White and MCS all having lost only one race. On the Sunday they went to Gold Silver and Bronze leagues and it was from this that the MCS team of Adam Rathmell (captain), George Potter, Lucy Greenwood, and crews are Edmund Corker, Ezra Leake and Cyrus Ledru emerged victorious (Photo is by David Bickerton). Second were Imperial Blue and third Swansea Alumni, 19 teams participated.

At Spinnaker the Wessex Winter Warmer had a field of 18 teams all teams got 12 races before going to leagues. At this stage Birdham Bandits were on top with 11 wins followed by OCSS (Qxford & Cambridge Sailing Society) and SMVC (Southampton) on 10 wins. 
   Things appeared a little different at the end of the leagues with OCSS on top followed by Birdham Bandits, Wessex Exempt and Royal Thames White. This set up semi finals of OCSS v Thames and Birdham v Wessex Exempt. 
OCSS got through to the final 2:0 but it seems to have been a little more difficult for the Bandits as their score was 2:1.  
   In the Final Birdham Bandits managed a 1,2,6 score in the first and third race against OCSS, but OCSS were 1,2,3 in the second race. Nevertheless, Birdham Bandits were the winners, OCSS second. Wessex Exempt came third going 2:1 in the Peti-final.
Full results can be seen at For the official report Click Here  or Photo Album

Meanwhile, at Weymouth eight teams were competing in RYA Winter Match Race 1 as part of the National Match racing series. A full round robin was completed on the Saturday meaning that Sunday began with the Semi Finals between Matthew Greenfield (1st) v Ed Connellan (4th) and Nicholas Wilkinson (2nd) v James Clapham (3rd) The remaining teams sailed a round robin to determine the lower placings. Matthew Greenfield got through to the final 3:1 but the other semi was much more interesting, in flight 13 Clapham had the advantage but failed to keep Wilkinson out of the zone of the finishing mark, and then in Flight 14 his fate was sealed by a spinnaker snag at the leeward mark putting Nicholas Wilkinson into the final 3:1.
Greenfield took the first race of the final but Wilkinson came back putting pre-start penalties on Greenfield and going on to win 3:1 So Nick Wilkinson, and his crew of George Jeorgensen and Giles Oldershaw took first blood and should have an entry to the National Final.
You can follow RYA Match Racing on Facebook Click Here  Photos of WMR 1 are available Here Official Report Here

A Cold One

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The Brunel Badger saw some pretty nasty weather with continuing sleet and cold rain all weekend. However,  the predicted strong winds did not materialise, so it was possible to complete the full round robin for the 10 teams taking part and obtain a result. Funnily, none of the teams seemed keen to run a final and the result went on the round robin.

The overall result, therefore, saw Reading Black in third place, Reading Red in second, while the Magdalen College School team with helms Adam Rathmell, Lucy Greenwood, Cyrus Ledru and crews Ben Simmons, Edmund Corker and Ezra Leake were the overall winners. (see Photo). 

Looking to more benign weather the Notice of Race for the 2K event in Ravenna on May 18/20 has been published and can be viewed if you click here

Carmela Weekend

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Day 1 of the Carmela Cup 2018 started and completed 29 races leaving 7 for Sunday. It was all still all to play for between the nine teams with the four leading teams fighting for the finals; Royal Thames Yacht Club, Wessex Exempt, Oxford and Cambridge Society and Itchenor Sailing Club. 
   Unfortunately, the wind failed to co-operate on Sunday and it was only possible to sail three more races. At the end of the day the winners were Itchenor (see photo), with RTYC second and Wessex Exempt third.
   To see the video and other photos go to Royal Thames Facebook Page

As a New Year Resolution, how about making sure that your team racing event uses the latest version of the UKTRA Standard Sailing instructions. You can get them if you  Click Here

UKTRA has produced a Newsheet which we hope will be e-mailed to Umpires to see it - Click Here

Happy New Year

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Only it won't be for a lot of teams, if they don't confirm their entry for the BUCS Team Racing. To see the post on the BUSA Facebook page Click Here.

Royal Thames should have had a good Christmas as they celebrated victory in the Monaco 2K competition held just before Christmas. Seems the conditions were pretty challenging and the final stages quite exciting.

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