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A little known trophy in Match Racing is the Paul Banner Trophy, a silver tankard awarded for sportsmanship by the Umpire Team at the National Match Racing Finals.

This year, the winner was Ann Burgoine nominated because she has and is always there, helping run the event on the shore, supporting in the Committee Boat, providing umpires and the race team with delicious cakes and cookies. She is one of those quiet people, without whom UK Match Racing would not be the same.

Photo is courtesy of Jack Fenwick.

There is a video of the National Match Racing Finals at

And so to Christmas . . .

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 The last weekend of Team Racing action before Christmas was pretty light on wind but heavy on action.

At Chew Valley Lake SC the Bristol Brew only managed 27 races on the Saturday but made up for it on the Sunday getting to 72 races before semis and finals. Semis saw RTYC beat Cardiff 2:0 and Exeter Blue beat Exeter Black, also 2:0. The final was also a 2:0 win for the RTYV team of Josh Adams (Captain), Sam Jenkins, ,Cyrus Ledru, Cat Wallace, Duncan Hampshire, & Ali Hinds. It was, however, closely contested by the Exeter team, particularly the second race which they led for most of the time, losing to 2,3,4 on the finish line. 
Photo is RTYC Team. Photos by Nigel are available at:-

In the East the Lougborough Lemming managed 92 races before their semis and finals. Whilst intending to have a best of five final the dying wind forced it to be terminated after 2 races with Southampton Red as the winners beating Warwick Red. In third place were Durham Purple. Read the official report at also Mae Franco says there are some great pictures on their Facebook Page

Up North we believe the Hallam Hangover was taking place. This is mainly a coaching event with Chris Kameen, a winner of the Wilson Trophy doing the coaching. Weather should have been ideal for them!

Way down South in Weymouth the RYA Schools Match Racing was taking place.From reading the RYA Match Racing Facebook page it seems they had extremely light weather on Saturday but managed to sail a full round robin on the Sunday. Unfortunately, this meant that there was no time for any finals.

The winner with six wins and only one loss was Alaric Bates of the Oxford Team Racing Academy, second was Dimas Valis Quiros of Royal Hospital School and third Ton Savidge of Abingdon School.

Another Chilly one Nov 25/26

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The Swansea Spartan had a hard day on Saturday as the wind came up, boats fell apart and someone had to go to Cardiff to get more cutdowns. This meant that only 32 races were sailed. However, by Sunday the problems were sorted and it was possible to complete a further 36 races and have time for semis and finals. 

Leaders Plymouth were matched against University of the West of England (UWE) while Swansea Leavers were pitted against Cardiff 3. Both Semis went 2:0 to produce a final of Plymouth v Swansea Leavers and a peti-final of Cardiff v UWE.

Final and peti final again went 2:0 with the Swansea Alumni team (photo) emerging winners of the event from Plymouth while Cardiff 3 finished third and UWE fourth.

Spartan photos can be seen if you Click Here

Up North the Angel of the North coped better with the strong winds, although they suffered a number of breakdowns and had to run a number of races as 2v2. With 50 races sailed on Saturday they got to 114 races completed before going to semis and finals. 

Here, the results were Edinburgh Blue first, Hoosiers second, Scottish Sailing third and Manchester Purple fourth.

We will add more detail if we get official reports.

This weekend - Nov18/19

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Cardiff Bay saw varied conditions for the Welsh Dragon. Saturday was pretty windy and 68 races were sailed enabling the Teams to be split into Leagues for the Sunday. Unfortunately, the wind did not agree and after waiting for the wind it was only possible to complete 24 races.

All was not lost however as it was possible to declare The Dirty Boys team of Matt Wallis, Toby Morsley, Craig Dibb, Poppy Barker/Vicki Cowan, Henry Mclaughlin and Aled Parsons the winners, as they had not lost a single race all weekend.

To see photos by Nigel Click Here

Meanwhile, at Bartley Reservoir The Brummy Bender had better luck. They got 50+ races in on Saturday for their 18 entries and 59 races on Sunday (Reports David Bickerton). Winners were Durham who beat Cambridge into second place.

Also struggling with a lack of wind was the RYA National Match Racing Finals at Queen Mary SC. However, they got in 20 flights and there is a new name on the Eacott trophy. Congratulations to Tarra Gill-Taylor and his team, 2017 National Match Racing Champions and runners up Matt Whitfield and Ian Williams. Full details are on the Match Racing Facebook Page.

The Irish must have done better with the weather. News of the Irish Team Racing National Championships is that there were 9 entries and a high standard of racing The Winners were a team comprising Mark Hassett, Fionn Lyden and Cian O'Regan.

A Chilly Weekend

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Well it was at the Oxford Magnum, which had 21 teams taking part. while it was quite light on Saturday it more than made up for it on Sunday. Gold Silver and Bronze leagues were established from a HLS league early on Sunday, coinciding with the move to cutdowns.

At the end of the Leagues there was no time for Finals so the winners were Bough Beech SC followed by Thames Exiles and Oxford & Cambridge Sailing Society. RTYC won the Silver League and London White the Bronze league.

Full results are at  Photos will be available Here

I am told that it was warmer for the eight teams competing in the Plymouth Pasty but It sounds as if Sunday was pretty windy here as well and the racing might have had to be curtailed but Bristol Beige appear to have been the winners.

Glasgow were hosting the first of the Scottish Qualifiers, in what appears to have been much lighter conditions, although I am told it was pretty shifty on the Sunday. There are four events in this series and this event was mainly used to seed the 23 teams taking part. Thanks to Ailsa Muskett of Aberdeen University, the Communications Officer of Scottish Student Sailing you can read the official report if you Click Here. Photos of the event are Here

The Sheffield Shuffle We didn't have any spies at the event and we are still awaiting the official report, but Pete Collings tells me that there were 20 teams at Pennine Sailing Club.  Swansea 1 beat Manchester in the final while in the peti-final Liverpool beat Swansea 2 (winners of the Silver League), then it was Birmingham, Leeds and Durham Freshers. There are lots of pictures on their Facebook page

In the Northern Team Racing Tour Manchester are in with a shout of catching Edinburgh, much will depend on the outcome of the Angel of the North in two weeks time.

Northern News

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The results are in from the Glasgow Grouse! (Well I got this info from Facebook thanks to Peter Collings)

Strathclyde Green won the event after a tiebreak with Edinburgh Import. For a full report Click Here To see the photos of the event Click Here and the video can be seen if you Click Here

My spy at the Reading Wet Dream tell me that Southampton 2 beat Southampton 1 - full results can be seen at  (thanks Paul)

We hope to have more news from both events soon.

Brian's Weekend

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With 'named storm' Brian ravaging the country, things were exciting at West Riding Sailing Club for the Haloween Howler,  We hear that the Six Pack took place in London on the Sunday with Southampton Alumni winning. A report on the 6 Pack can be seen if you Click Here

With some vicious gusts the Leeds sailors managed to run around twenty races on the Saturday and around the same number on Sunday to complete Stage 1 of three leagues. During the break that ensued the start boat was capsized by the wind and it became obvious that there was little enthusiasm to go out into winds gusting suddenly over 30kts. The organisers very wisely decided to call it a day and announce results based on number of wins and points. 

Once the calculations were complete the results were 3rd Warwick Black, 2nd Warwick Red, and winners were the Edinburgh blue team of Hugh Braidwood, James Logan, Miles Jones, Hannah Jones, Maxine de Havenon and Mabel Ellerker.
To read the official report (with all the gruesome details) Click Here. To see photos by Nigel Click Here

The Match Racers got some racing in at NMR Q2 on Queen Mary, although racing was curtailed a result was possible. Congratulations to Mark Lees and Matt Whitfield who were joint winners and Tarra Gill-Taylor who came third.

Have you entered?

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The RYA Team Racing Championships will be taking place at Spinnaker SC on March 17/18. The Notice of Race and entry form is available if you  Click Here

Unfortunately, the E-mail address, which is published in the notice of race and entry form for the 2018 RYA Team Racing Championship has not been working owing to an incorrect spam setting.

Please will anyone who has written to this address before noon on 16 October resend the email since your email will not have been delivered.  The address is now working so get those entries in.

Thank you

ET RYA Youth & Junior Team Racing

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Those of you who followed the event on Facebook will realise that conditions were pretty much perfect for the event. Saturday saw 120 races sailed on both the Youth course (three boat team racing in Fireflies) and on the Junior course (2 boat team racing in Fevas). The HLS system was used to seed 4 Leagues for each category, Gold A  & B and Silver A & B to produce stage 2 of 40 races  which began promptly at 9am Sunday morning and was completed by 12.30. Gold and Silver Semi Finals followed comprised of  the top 3 from A and the winner of B.

The Juniors this pitted Tera Sporticus against Falcons and Norwich School against Buoys and Guls as the Gold Semis. The Junior Silver Semis were Rutland Green against St Swithuns and Rutland Gold against West Kirby Red. Only the last mentioned match required a third race to decide matters the rest going 2:0 to produce a Junior Gold Final of Falcons against Norwich School and a Junior Silver Final of Rutland Green against West Kirby Red.

The Gold final was settled quickly, although Falcons led for most of the second race they were taken by Norwich School on the finish line, so Norwich School (Photo left) took the 2017 ET Junior team Racing Championships. The Silver Final needed a third deciding race as Rutland Green and West Kirby Red slugged it out but it was Rutland Green who came out on top.

In the Youth Competition Gold Semis were West Kirby Red against Winchester and Sevenoaks A against MCS1. These were hard fought semis both going to three races but with West Kirby Red and Sevenoaks A going through to the Gold Final 2:1. Meanwhile, the Youth Silver Semis were Rutland Black against Ardingly and Sevenoaks B against  Tonbridge Black. Rutland Black beat Ardingly 2:0 Tonbridge Black needed a third race to defeat Sevenoaks B and set up an all Black Silver Youth Final.  The silver final saw Tonbridge Black beat Rutland Black 2:0 leaving only the Youth Gold Final to be sailed on the clubhouse course.

In the Youth Gold Final West Kirby took the first race 1,2,5. Second race was a Sevenoaks win, 1,2,5 thanks to some close racing down the run and an incident packed mark 3 rounding which say a W. Kirby boat spinning. In the final deciding race W.Kirby led 1,2 going onto the final beat but a left shift and a finish line conversion saw Sevenoaks finish 2,3,5 and take the 2017 ET Youth Team Racing Championsips (photo right)

For really useful videos of the racing Click Here  For full results Click Here  For still pictures are Click Here

ET Update

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Apologies for the links provided on the previous posting. If you believe the RYA BUSA starts tomorrow!

The links you really need are:-

Twitter is on and  search with #etteams

Facebook with live coverage is at :-
Go to posts or video's for some good stuff!

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