15/11/17 - Dates for 2018 UKAHFT National Series

                    Pre Season - 29th April - venue tbc

                    R1 – 20th May            Misfits

                    R2 – 23rd June           Rivington Rifles

                    R3 – 24th June           Emley Moor

                    R4 – 21st July            MAD

                    R5 – 22nd July           MAD

                    R6 - 18th August        Furnace Mill

                    R7 - 19th August        Nomads

                    R8 – 23rd September Cambridge

                    R9 – 21st  October     Quarry Hunters


12/11/17 - Gathering Results now available

16/10/17 - Results for the 2017 UKAHFT National Series are now available

25/09/17 - Results from Rd7 are now available

28/08/17 - Results from Rd5 & Rd6 are now available

24/07/17 - Results from Rd3 & Rd4 are now available

19/06/17 - Results from Rd2 at Buxted are now available

22/05/17 - Results from Rd1 at Quarry are now available

02/01/17Following a number of incidents last year where the vision of a shooter was impeded by someone smoking/vaping close by we are 
                 introducing an exclusion zone to stop smoking/vaping at the firing line, this covers the whole firing line not just at the peg & includes
                 everyone on the course during each session. The new rule reads as follows: Smoking/Vaping is not allowed any closer than 6ft back 
                 from the firing line