19/02/19 - The application form for club teams for 2019 is now available. This will need to be completed and returned by 1st April 2019.

01/02/19 - The revised rules and format for 2019 are now uploaded.  Key changes are for maximum numbers of reduced kills that can be (don't have to be) set on a course plus the inclusion of a clearly defined maximum barrel height for in the shoulder shots to prevent junior or short competitors being unfairly penalised.

01/01/19 - Pre booking forms for the 2019 season are now available on the forms page

23/12/18 -  Dates and venues for 2019 are in the calendar

19/11/18 - Scores for the Gathering now posted

24/10/18 - All results tables now updated, well done to all those who took part and particularly to the winners. Please complete the Gathering forms asap as per Pete's message on Shooting the Breeze and Facebook. If you have qualified but will not be attending the Gathering please also let Pete know.

22/10/18 - The total results sheet pdf is uploaded at the bottom of the Results page for 2018 and I have updated the Gathering qualifier list - will get the rest of the pages updated asap

15/10/18 - Please be aware due to the weather we have had and course layout there will be a very limited plinking range, so make sure your guns are on  :) Also with the parking any 4x4 can you park somewhere to the right of the gate when you come in and all others to the left up to the blue rope.

14/10/18 - Session list for Round 9 posted here

25/09/18 - Results pdf updated and can be found at bottom of results page for 2018. Gathering qualifiers also updated with those who had previously qualified but have only currently shot 2 rounds and therefore cannot now shoot the minimum 4 round requirement now removed from list and replaced with others 

05/08/18 - Team WHFTA would like to announce that WHFTA has a new home for the immediate future! Behind the scenes Team WHFTA have been busy with concerted efforts to aid the natural evolution of the sport of HFT. It gives us great pleasure to reveal that WHFTA 2019 will be held at Weston Park as part of the Midland Game Fair in September 2019.

 The WHFTA  Championships are one of the biggest shows in the shooting calendar and with major manufacturers  in attendance, we are sure there will be plenty of things to see and do for enthusiasts, competitors and those new to airgunning.

As ever, the championship will consist of both the Manufacturer Team Championship and International Team Championship, and here spectators will be able to watch all the action unfold as marksmen battle it out for the 2019 title.

Organiser and spokesman for the World Hunter Field Target Championship, Pete Sparkes says of the new move: ‘We are thrilled that the 2019 HFT Worlds will be held at Weston Park in September. Having held the first Worlds at the Kelmarsh Country Show back in 2009, we’re so happy the sport continues to be as successful as it did back then. With the move to the Midland Game Fair next year, we’re confident to expose this superb championship to the masses and believe next year’s championship will be our biggest yet! With application forms being sent out in the New Year, we look forward to getting in touch and keeping everyone updated on next year’s championship soon.’

Countryman Fairs organise five award-winning events across the UK throughout the year, each showcasing the very best in country life. For more information on all of Countryman Fairs events visit the website at and join us on Facebook to stay up to date with the latest news and developments as they happen.

Team WHFTA would like to extend our extreme gratitude to not only Countryman Fairs but to all our generous sponsors, army of volunteers and competitors. Most of all we would love to see all of you there in September 2019 at what promises to be a showcase event!

Entry forms will be released January 1st 2019.

Many thanks,


#WHFTA #HFT #Countrymanfairs #Midlandgamfair #WorldHFT

03/08/18 - The Gathering will be held on Sunday 18th November at Furnace Mill. The sponsors will be Optics Warehouse.

26/07/18 - All results and gathering qualifiers now updated (note peg 5 was pulled during round 5 session 1 so score cards for that session were updated)

26/07/18 - Competitor lists for Rounds 6 and 7 are here

22/07/18 - pdf of scores are available on Results 2018 page - I will get the individual results pages  uploaded in the next day or two

13/07/18 - Round 5 HW 110 raffle prize supplied by Hull Cartridge

05/07/18 - Competitor lists for Rounds 4 and 5 are now here

27/12/17 - Update to Format now allows supported kneeling shots to have a 35mm kill out to 40yards

15/11/17 - Dates for 2018 UKAHFT National Series

                    Pre Season -29th April       Dunferrmline            KY12 9HU

                    R1 – 20th May                    Misfits                      Between LE7 9DE  and  LE7 9DN

                    R2 – 23rd June                   Rivington Rifles       BL7 0HG

                    R3 – 24th June                   Emley Moor             WF4 4HZ

                    R4 – 21st July                    MAD                         CM3 6PZ

                    R5 – 22nd July                   MAD

                    R6 - 18th August                Furnace Mill              DY14 8NR

                    R7 - 19th August                Nomads                    WR6 6PL

                    R8 – 23rd September         Cambridge               SG8 8QD

                    R9 – 21st  October             Quarry Hunters        NP12 2BQ