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Affiliation Form

UKAHFT Affiliation and Advertising of UKAHFT Accredited Competitions



United Kingdom Association for Hunter Field Target (Known as: UKAHFT) has become increasingly popular since it was first started in 2001. It is now one of the most popular airgun sports in the UK. UKAHFT has encouraged many existing airgun shooters to take up competitive shooting and recruited many new people (including whole families) into airgun shooting.

For these reasons there are many advantages in clubs being affiliated to UKAHFT and running competitions to the UKAHFT course format.

It is also important to protect the reputation of UKAHFT and affiliated clubs; for this reason you may only use 'UKAHFT affiliated' and 'UKAHFT Accredited Competition' if you comply with the requirements below.

Use of these terms in any publicity or communication without compliance may result in legal action.


UKAHFT Affiliation

To become affiliated to UKAHFT your club must:

• Have and enforce a strict sub 12 ft/lb limit for non-FAC airguns for competitions.

• Hold regular HFT competitions to UKAHFT Course criteria

• i.e. if you only have one competition a month this must be to the UKAHFT format, unless agreed beforehand.

• If you comply with the above criteria please contact Pete Sparks who can send you the form to complete.

• You will receive by e-mail a 'UKAHFT Affiliated Club' logo which you may use on publicity, websites etc, along with a course format and the UKAHFT rules.


• The right to use such logo may be rescinded at any time by UKAHFT, without right of appeal. If instructed to do so you must remove the logo from any publicity at the earliest possible opportunity.


UKAHFT Accredited Competitions

• You may only advertise a club competition / shoot as 'UKAHFT Accredited' if you are an affiliated club (ie your affiliation has been approved by UKAHFT and is still in force) AND the competition shoot conforms to the UKAHFT format:


You may only advertise the shoot as a 'UKAHFT Accredited Competition' If you use the UKAHFT format, if you use other HFT disciplines, you are not allowed to advertise as “UKAHFT” Misuse of this phrase i.e. its use on non-compliant shoots may result in withdrawal of your UKAHFT Affiliated Club status.

UKAHFT have no say in running your club or will take responsibility for any issues.