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R2 - Cambridge

Sponsor for Round    2

Sure Shot

Raffle Prizes:

Hamster – Danny Roff

Scope – Joanne Cogger

Scope – Aaron Friend

Shooting Mat – Lee O’Keefe

Shooting Mat – Simon Harrison

Sure Shot Bundle – Lewis Hodges

JSB Bag – Emily Roberts

Kneeling Roll – Justin Raynor

Cash Prizes:

£100 – Howard Kalisch and Jeff Palmer

£50 Jim Cavanagh and Ralph Pressland


Junior Trophies Sponsored by Biscester Targets

Recoil, Ladies, 0.22" and Veteran trophies sponsored by BASC

Manufacturer trophies sponsored by Solware


Winning Club team:


Joff Haigh

Darren Croft

Ethan Pantlin

Kev Gaunt

Kieron Turner

 Winning Manufacturer


Joff Haigh

Elliot Compton

Dave Ramshead

Name Class Club Team Man Score
Elliot Compton Open Nomads Steyr 60
Joff Haigh Open Misfits Steyr 60
Tony Male Open Nomads RAW 60
Dave Ramshead Open Rivington Steyr 59
John Ferrier Open   ISP 58
Ethan Pantling Open Misfits Steyr 58
James McLachan Open Rivington Anschutz 58
Richard Woods Open MAD Anschutz 58
Kieran Turner Open Misfits Steyr 58
William Hoggan Open   Steyr 58
Darren Crofts Open Misfits Steyr 58
Kev Gaunt Open Misfits Steyr 58
Rob Bates Open Kingsley Air Arms 58
Justin Rayner Open   ISP 58
Charles Peal Open   Air Arms 57
Neil Wakelin Open MAD Air Arms 57
Greg Morss Open   Walther 57
Phil Soper Open Nomads Anschutz 57
Simon Vant Open MAD Steyr 57
Roger Dibbens Open   Daystate 57
Andy Simpson Open   ISP 57
Dave Hunter Open Nomads Steyr 57
Kevin Hills Open   Steyr 57
Dan McMahon Open Nomads Steyr 57
Matthew Furlong Open Misfits Anschutz 57
Mick Fern Open Kingsley Anschutz 57
Chris Cundey Open Misfits Steyr 57
Mark Crossland Open Misfits Steyr 57
Ross O'Brien Open   Steyr 57
Lewis Collins Open Nomads Air Arms 57
Harry Compton Open Nomads Steyr 57
Richard Jones Open   Air Arms 57
Nathan Brown Open   Steyr 57
Chris Theodoulou Open MAD Anschutz 57
Jack Houghton Open Cambridge Air Arms 56
Sarah Pantling Open Misfits Steyr 56
Gordon Burns Open Misfits Anschutz 56
Howard Kalisch Open   ISP 56
Kathy Thompson Open Misfits Anschutz 56
Liam Todd Open Misfits Steyr 56
Alex Larkin Open MAD Steyr 56
Kev Clarke Open Nomads Air Arms 56
Glen Pickard Open   Air Arms 56
Lewis Hodges Open   Steyr 56
Paul Wetton Open   Air Arms 56
Ian Roberts Open   Air Arms 55
Theresa Reed Open Misfits Anschutz 55
James Hesson Open   Steyr 55
Paul Kelly Open Rivington Air Arms 55
Stu James Open Nomads Air Arms 55
Gary Kerr Open   Steyr 55
Mark Taylor Open   HW 55
Kevin Scott Open Furnace Mill Steyr 55
Ash Bailey Open Nomads Steyr 55
Ken Swift Open Kingsley Steyr 55
David Smith Open Misfits FWB 55
Gary King Open Misfits Steyr 55
Aaron Friend Open   ISP 55
Jon Prichard Open Kingsley RAW 55
Michelle Parsons Open Kingsley Anschutz 54
Graeme Cargan Open   ISP 54
Ian Millward Open Kingsley SCR 54
Lee Meadows Open Rivington Steyr 54
Jill Cochrane Open MAD Air Arms 54
Dave Freeman Open Nomads Steyr 54
Mark Camoccio Open   Impact 54
Jennie Stone Open MAD Steyr 54
Alex Honeywell Open   Steyr 54
Ralph Presland Open   GML 54
Stuart Deeks Open   RAW 54
Mark Smith Open   Steyr 53
Mark Thompson Open Misfits Anschutz 53
Chris Pantling Open Misfits Steyr 53
Nigel Gill Open   Steyr 53
Andy Dickson Open Misfits Air Arms 53
Jon Houghton Open Cambridge Air Arms 53
Paul Brown Open   Steyr 53
Jeff Palmer Open MAD Air Arms 53
Nic Orr Open   Air Arms 53
Simon Toolan Open   Air Arms 53
Dariusz Moszczynski Open Furnace Mill Steyr 53
Rick White Open Furnace Mill Steyr 52
Glenn Walsh Open Misfits Steyr 52
Rob Mansell Open Kingsley   52
Justin Rhone Open   Air Arms 52
Matt Goodson Open   Air Arms 52
Neil Paul Open   Air Arms 52
Nick Aldridge Open Furnace Mill BSA 52
Simon Minney Open   Air Arms 51
Wayne Marriott Open Misfits RAW 51
Richard Rushton Open   Air Arms 51
Ian Ree Open Nomads Steyr 51
Richard Bailey Open MAD Steyr 51
Gordon Smith Open Cambridge Steyr 51
Dan Smith Open   Daystate 51
Len Smith Open   Air Arms 51
Steve O'Mara Open Kingsley Air Arms 50
Nick Parker Open Nomads Walther 50
Nigel Smith Open Kingsley Steyr 50
Bob Truett Open   Steyr 50
Paul Andrew Open   Air Arms 50
Dave Lillywhite Open MAD FWB 49
Phil Rodgers Open   Steyr 49
Simon Lea-Armstrong Open   BSA 49
Bill Birch Open Nomads Air Arms 48
Phil White Open Furnace Mill Steyr 48
Greg Hensman Open Misfits Daystate 47
Martin Slane Open   BSA 47
Alexander Platt Open   FX 46
Neil Palmer Open   Air Arms 46
John Mode-Keefe Open   Brocock 44
Richard Isaacs Open   Daystate 44
Simon Honeysett Open   BSA 44
Brandon Houghton Open Cambridge Air Arms 43
Matt Holgate Open   BSA 43
Martin Capdeville Open   HW 40
Andy Ireland Open   BSA DNF
Stuart MacIntosh Open   Steyr DNF
Rhyley Minney Primary   Daystate 46
Jay Mode-Keefe Primary   Air Arms 45
Amelya Minney Primary   Daystate 45
Harrison Jones Primary   BSA 36
Steve Whiting Recoil   HW 56
Rex Bennett Recoil MAD Air Arms 56
Gary Chillingworth Recoil MAD Air Arms 55
Dan Gordon Recoil Kingsley Air Arms 54
Andy Day Recoil   HW 54
Jake Day Recoil   Air Arms 53
Nick Stanhope Recoil   HW 52
Darren Taylor Recoil Rivington Air Arms 52
Keith Warburton Recoil Cambridge Air Arms 50
Danny Roff Recoil MAD Air Arms 49
Frank Peterek Recoil Furnace Mill HW 49
Stuart Smart Recoil   Air Arms 39
Andy Staward Recoil   HW 35
Anton Selin Recoil   HW 31
Mike Burgess Veteran   Air Arms 55
Graham Cole Veteran Nomads Steyr 54
Nigel Buchan Veteran   ISP 54
Geoff Ryder Veteran MAD Walther 53
Finn Cochrane Veteran MAD Impact 53
Ron Whitney Veteran   ISP 53
Earl Lange Veteran   Air Arms 52
Mike Neville Veteran   Air Arms 52
Jean Greatrex Veteran MAD Air Arms 51
Michael Isaac Veteran   Air Arms 51
Geoff Jones Veteran Furnace Mill Steyr 50
Kevin Clark Veteran   Air Arms 50
Ian Hunter Veteran Nomads Daystate 49
Mike Towler Veteran   FWB 47
Simon Eley Veteran Cambridge Daystate 46
Jason Lockett 0.22" MAD Air Arms 55
Jeff Westley 0.22"   Theoben 52
Simon Howarth 0.22" Kingsley BSA 51
Matthew Masley 0.22"   Air Arms 49
Nick Byrne 0.22"   Air Arms 49
Simon Harrison 0.22"   BSA 47
Dean Auger 0.22"   Daystate 47
Jim Cavanagh 0.22"   Steyr 46
Lee O'Keefe 0.22" MAD Air Arms 43
Wally Hale 0.22"   Air Arms 40
Michael Popplestone 0.22"   HW 30
Ewan Pantling Junior Misfits Steyr 57
Megan Reed Junior Misfits Air Arms 53
Myla Parsons Junior Kingsley Steyr 52
Conor Jones Junior   Air Arms 49
Thomas Clarke Junior   Steyr 47
Harvey Friend Junior   Steyr 45
Laura McLennan Ladies Kingsley Anschutz 57
Karen O'Mara Ladies Kingsley Air Arms 56
Ellen Jones Ladies   BSA 50
Joanne Cogger Ladies Cambridge HW 49
Emily Roberts Ladies   Air Arms 47
Hellen Kelly Ladies Rivington Air Arms 46
Jo Thorpe Ladies Kingsley Air Arms 44
Emma Rowley Ladies   Air Arms 38